Fallout 4: 20 Hidden Bosses Only Experts Found (And Where To Find Them)

Bethesda's Fallout series has always been a huge hit, most of all for its huge open worlds in games like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4. Fallout 4 works very hard to create the unique world of post-nuclear Boston, despite its proximity to Fallout 3's D.C. With such a rich lore behind the series now, it's important to create new elements that make the series stronger without losing the integrity of the whole. While Fallout 4 has had its mixed reviews at times, as it progressed, its DLC's and clever creations have held up very well. Forums continue to be abuzz about Mirelurk queens, even scarier Deathclaws, and everything from the Safari Zone.

Between having to fill up an entire open world and still creating memorable characters, it's a marvel how Bethesda creates effective mini-bosses through just a few holotapes, outfits, voice lines, and the like. It's even more impressive knowing some players may never find all the hard work the developers have made. Then things get even more astonishing; some of those fantastic enemies and nuggets were hidden on purpose. The Fallout series has such a rich history and dedicated fanbase that there are hidden things around every corner. And it's even cooler when those things aren't just images or items, but characters or creatures themselves, too. The lesser known foes that fans may never find can sometimes be the greatest ones.

Here are 20 Hidden Bosses Only Experts Found (And Where To Find Them).

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20 Grun

Fallout 4 sometimes gets mixed reviews by fans, but its Nuka-World DLC, based around super-mutant gangs and the series' famous Nuka-Cola, has been a hit. With so many super mutants running the show, quite a few of them become iconic bosses. One of the most hidden ones is Grun, the old gang leader at Vim! Pop Factory that was so crazy, he was locked in the basement.

A player can go the whole DLC without being bothered by Grun and they never have to let him out, but if they do, it'll be a huge battle. If the Sole Survivor fights him, he's a super-mutant behemoth who packs a punch. If they run, the gang members of the factory will fire on him instead. After all, he's crazy enough to battle his own people.

19 Monster Of Carhenge

Bethesda loves making games full of easter eggs for fans to find and enjoy. One of the most well-known and fan-loved easter eggs in Fallout 4 is Carhenge, a circle of decrepit cars that look like the famous Stonehenge.

However, what is even more interesting, and surprising, is the structure's guardian. The monster of Carhenge has spooked more than a few fans, and has defeated even more. Once a player finds Carhenge, they will also be met with a large, dangerous super-mutant behemoth ready to gobble them up. While the monster of Carhenge doesn't have an official name, his location, his arrival, and his massive presence make him a sight to behold. He and Carhenge can be found directly south of Walden Pond, ready to greet any wanderers that find them.

18 Red Death Mirelurk

Fallout 4's Far Harbor is known for its creepy monsters. After all, most of the enemies are beasts crawling out from thick, opaque fog. The most unsightly creature, however, is easily the island's special, sinister Mirelurk. A Mirelurk with fierce, piercing, glowing red eyes named the Red Death.

Red Death can be found, aptly, on Red Death Island. It's known to be a monster of legend, however, under more investigation, it's discovered to be a small, docile bloodrage Mirelurk that's just been sinking ships with its disarming red eyes. This little monster is only found in The Great Hunt mission, so fans may not find him. His tale of infamy turned hilarity is a great one, though, and is very much worth debunking.

17 Red Tourette

Red Tourette and her band of bandits are residents of the Federal Ration Stockpile, an area that quite a few side quest missions lead to. However, these missions don't require interaction with Red Tourette at all. They all mostly involve finding different items stored or lost around the complex.

If a player wants to fight Red Tourette head on, her logs will paint a far more depressing picture. Unlike many bloodthirsty raiders, Red is merely desperate to find her sister, Lily, who she thinks is being locked up somewhere. It's pretty clear to fans that Lily has likely passed on. As far as random location bosses' go, Red Tourette's sad backstory is what sets her apart. And sometimes, a player may never even find her, depending on what missions they take.

16 Mythic Deathclaw

Deathclaws have been the most iconic monsters from the Fallout series for a long time. While ghouls and super mutants are more plentiful and have more complex backstories, Deathclaws are the boogeyman that go bump in the night.

In Fallout 4, one of the strongest Deathclaws is the Mythic Deathclaw, a very rare version of the species that give any wanderer a challenge. This version doesn't spawn until the player hits level 91, but infamous Bethesda bugs can see it spawning as early as level 35 in front of the Starlight Diner. Otherwise, they randomly spawn, so a player just has to leave it up to chance and hope these bloodthirsty beasts only catch them on a good day.

15 Chris The Ghoulrilla King

While the Nuka-World DLC centers around a mad super-mutant gang, there are many more interesting places in the area. For example, in the amusement park, there is an area called Safari Adventure that is the home of ghoulified gorillas and their human companion, Cito.

Cito can become a quest-giver for the player, sending them away on various missions, however, cross Cito the wrong way, and the Sole Survivor can be targeted by him and his gorillas. The most powerful of these “Ghoulrillas” is their leader, a ghoulrilla king that Cito calls Chris. Like all radioactive, wasteland creatures, Ghoulrillas pack a punch and, in the case of Chris, come in a pack. Doing missions for Cito might just be a safer idea.

14 Dead Eye

Fraternal Post 115 is a location that quite a few factions have missions about. Regardless of the missions, though, the place is unique because its leader isn't the average super mutant: he's blind. Dead Eye, perhaps a little too aptly named, runs the enemies there. He's even more unique because the player might never directly encounter him. After all, if Dead Eye detects the Sole Survivor, he alerts others and several super mutants to come running for a fight.

If the player does fight Dead Eye, though, the two can have a fascinating battle of melee weapons. Fraternal Post 115 is a part of Cambridge and particularly an Institute, Minutemen, or Railroad, can send the Sole Survivor there.

13 The Director

The Director and his community of robots live in the General Atomics Galleria and are a unique band of characters. There are no humans living there at all, and were simply meant as an example of how things would be run by robots, but the war has left them to their devices. However, despite how fascinating they are, from a little investigation, the player quickly discovers that the reason there are no humans is that The Director himself eliminated the previous human supervisor. That's how a robot became the leader of other robots.

It's possible to get out of the place without a scratch, but if The Director becomes displeased, a player can suddenly become an easy target. Moreover, if the Sole Survivor cares a lot about justice, they can take ending a robot criminal into their own hands.

12 Dusky Yao Guai

While the Fallout series keeps a set of core species to populate its wastelands, each game has specialized creatures for its area and even new types of old classics to keep them fresh. One example of this is the Dusky Yao Guai, a new and more dangerous version of the half-bald bear.

Like mythic Deathclaws or super-mutant behemoths, Dusky Yao Guai are one of the rarest and most powerful. For casual adventurers, that's great, but for tougher battle-seekers, that turns into a challenge. One fairly consistent dusky beast can be found on an island north of Rayburn Park. Just look for an upside-down red boat.

11 Pink Ghouls

Throughout the Fallout series, the game has made several locations that paint a more scary or depressing picture than the ruins leave. For example, there are vaults with only one person, vaults that experimented on people that made super mutants

, and then there are places like the Suffolk County Charter School.

Before the bombs dropped, the government used a small school to experiment with pink goo as a substitute for food. Once the bombs fell, all the children that ate the goo turned into bubblegum pink feral ghouls. The school is riddled with them, along with notes that tell a player more about their unfortunate ordeal. The most fearsome one is a glowing ghoul found in the lower levels. These pink ghouls pack quite a punch, physically and emotionally.

10 Big Mack

Either through an Institute mission or a random mission involving a toy horse, the player might end up at the Wilson Atomatoys Factory, southwest of Quincy Ruins. The super mutants here are lead by the fierce Big Mack, a large mutant with an even larger minigun. Though the band of super mutants here isn't large, the group of them are all in between levels 50 and 60. For any lower-level player, that could quickly become very dangerous.

However, defeating Big Mack means the player gets a fan-favorite weapon: the minigun. Though not always practical, they've been a staple weapon of many Fallout games. Between a minigun and a mutant named Big Mack, the factory is a fun find, especially if the player came there because of a toy horse.

9 Alien

From rockets to mysterious rocks, the Fallout series has had several forays into alien experiences, however, Fallout 4 has one of the most explicit. After a player reaches level 20, an alien spaceship will crash land on the map. This UFO crash site can be found southeast of Oberland Station.

Once there, the Sole Survivor will find a destroyed flying saucer and alien blood leading into a cave. Inside, an alien will be found. Donned in a red and white jumpsuit and a green head, he looks like a perfect 50's alien. He will immediately become hostile and attack, leaving an alien blaster pistol as loot. Only players with the Wasteland Whisperer perk can pacify the injured alien and become friendly with him. It's a hugely unique experience.

8 Shipbreaker

Fallout 4's DLCs add a lot of battle content for the big game hunters in the fandom. One of the biggest and baddest monsters is Shipbreaker: the object of an optional quest in the Far Harbor DLC. In this add-on, the player helps a downtrodden town against the dangers hiding in the mist. One of these dangers is Shipbreaker: a fog crawler with over 4000 health and a shiny yellow exterior. Hulking and merciless, this foe can strike panic into the heart of any Sole Survivor.

Shipbreaker's location will depend entirely on where the player picks up his signal on The Island (Far Harbor's setting). To defeat him, a hermit of an old hunter, Old Longfellow, will award the player Fallout's version of a harpoon gun.

7 Passive Deathclaw

One of the strangest, yet most fascinating experiences a Sole Survivor can have is in the Old Gullet Sinkhole, a sinking cavern in Malden. During the great war, the spot was struck and created a deep sinkhole that creatures now hide themselves in. If a player enters, they are bound to meet quite a few unfriendly faces. The most fascinating face, though, is a Passive Deathclaw. Unlike many Deathclaws that are fiercely aggressive creatures, this Deathclaw will leave a player alone until it detects them as a threat. If played well, the Deathclaw may actually clear out more enemies from the cavern than the Sole Survivor does.

Though the creature doesn't always stay passive, and might attack the player if threatened, it is unique to find a Deathclaw that doesn't bite down on sight.

6 Hammer

In Fallout 4, super mutants get to take center stage in leadership. One such leader is Hammer, leader of the super mutants at West Everett Estates. The West Everett Estates were once the nuclear bunker and hideout of Wayne Tournquist and his two sons, but they were driven out by raiders. Then, those raiders were utterly destroyed by Hammer and his gang. Hammer even accidentally eliminated one of the raiders while he was learning the systems from him.

Hammer and his people are only involved in one mission: Quartermastery, a mission given by the Brotherhood of Steel. If a player isn't in that faction, they may never meet this beast. Hammer drops a missile launcher after he's defeated, a worthy item for making a big impact.

5 Liberty Prime

For Brotherhood of Steel fans, the return of Liberty Prime is particularly exciting. The winning card against The Enclave, Liberty Prime was last seen in Fallout 3 mowing down enemies. In Fallout 4, depending on the Sole Survivor's decisions, he could become the enemy.

The paladins are planning on building and using Prime to defeat The Institute, a legion of synthetic humans. The player can side with The Institute, though, making The Brotherhood of Steel their new foes. Smart players will find ways to disarm Liberty Prime and undermine the Brotherhood, but gutsy ones will fight the giant robot head on. If the Sole Survivor attacks the paladins and The Citadel, the huge robot could put his laser sights in their direction for one epic battle.

4 Mirelurk Queen

Fallout fans love their epic battles, and one of the most infamous places in Fallout 4 to seek big monsters is the Massachusetts State House. This historic building greatly changed with time. Instead of a place of politics and diplomacy, the house now holds a waterlogged, beast-ridden Mirelurk den. And most fearsome of all is the heart of that den, an aggressive and merciless Mirelurk Queen.

Mirelurk queens are new to Fallout, and have swiftly become the most rare of their species. Oftentimes, power armor is necessary to survive the creature's heavy blows. Though she announces her presence with a loud roar, that doesn't make fighting her off any easier. These tough-shelled queens can be found in several other places, like The Castle and Spectacle Island, but the Massachusetts State House is the most action-packed and dangerous.

3 Lynn Woods Battle

The Lynn Woods are already an interesting place in Fallout 4, between the vicious raiders and a nest of Deathclaws nearby. But nothing is quite as impressive as the resolute tower that can be found within the spindly trees. Made of brick and topped with an ominous siren, the structure looms over the enemies below.

The hidden danger of the tower, though, are that if a player gets to the top and starts the siren, Raiders and Deathclaws will begin a battle below. It's not a single boss, but instead, an all out brawl. Daring heroes can join in the fray and have a unique experience in the depths of a haunted wood, however, if someone finds the tower and isn't prepared for war, they can hide at the top and wait for the fighting to chill out.

2 Captain Zao

Fans of Fallout 3 and its many DLC's already know a fair amount about this character's roots. In Operation: Anchorage, the Lone Wanderer has a VR experience of the liberation and fights foreign officers. The DLC comes with one of the coolest melee weapons in the game: General Jingwei's shocksword.

Captain Zao is a ghoulified submarine captain from that same time period. He personally thinks the liberation of Anchorage was a joke, but bears no ill will towards the Sole Survivor. Together, they can even rebuild his submarine. He can be found within the vessel, the Yangtze, south of the Boston Airport. However, if the player calls him a "commie," Zao will defend his country and traditions and will attack. And ghoul or not, this officer doesn't go down without a fight.

1 Swan

One of the most infamous hidden bosses of Fallout 4 is Swan: a super-mutant behemoth hiding at the bottom of a pond. While walking past his pond is initially cute, watching a plastic swan float in the center, it's actually something the big guy has strapped to his back. Get too close and he will attack.

While most bosses have small details to make them look unique, Swan has a look of his own. Between the swan on his back, the canoe tied to his arm, or the behemoth hammer he wields, he's an impressive foe. Swan can be found in his pond west of Boston Common. Bring enough firepower to survive a toe-to-toe battle with this huge, hulking ugly duckling.


Are there more hidden bosses in Fallout 4 that we missed? Tell us in the comments down below!

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