Falling Water's Season 2 Finale Explained

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Here's what happened during Falling Water's season 2 finale - which was also the last episode of the series. Dreams and nightmares have long been fertile ground for filmmakers to display some trippy or creepy visuals. The most popular franchise revolving around this premise is A Nightmare On Elm Street, which introduced horror icon Freddy Krueger. Freddy is a child killer who stalks the nightmares of his victims, turning their worst fears against them. Freddy evolved into something of a comedian over the course of several sequels, with the original Nightmare On Elm Street franchise coming to a close with 2003 crossover Freddy Vs Jason.

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Other movies to tackle dreams include Total Recall, Vanilla Sky, and The Cell. Christopher Nolan made the first dream heist movie with 2010's Inception, where Leonardo DiCaprio's thief is tasked with implanting an idea into somebody else's subconscious. The USA Network's high-concept drama Falling Water follows three people who realize they're all sharing part of a collective dream. The show featured a great cast - led by Lizzie Brocheré, David Ajala, and Will Yun Lee - but while it attracted a small fanbase, it's consistently modest ratings led to it being canceled after two seasons in 2018.

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Falling Water's season 2 finale "The Art Of The Deal" proved to be the end of the show. The episode opens with Tess (Brocheré) in a dream spying on villian Dr. Ginsberg, who is remembering his relationship with Tess's mother Charlotte, and how he wasn't able to give her a child. Ginsberg turns to talk to Tess in the dream before they both wake up. Later in the episode, Burton (Ajala), Taka (Lee), his partner Alex and Woody set up a meeting to arrest Ginsberg on human trafficking charges. Ginsberg is there for an exchange of Tess - who watches the bust remotely - and her son, but before he's arrested Ginsberg reveals he can render people unconscious and control them in their sleep. He then leaves with Woody, Taka and Burton in tow.

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Elsewhere on Falling Water's season 2 finale, Tom Dolan (JR Bourne, The 100) - aka Shadowman - is released on bail after police are unable to prove he was responsible for the Morrison murder. In another twist, it was Katrina Boerg who bailed him out, sister of Bill and a powerful "Dreamer" who disappeared years before. She offers Dolan a place within a shadowy organization. He initially turns her down, but after killing current employer Taylor Bennett after she betrayed, he reconsiders.

Falling Water's season 2 finale ends with Tess falling asleep and confronting Ginsberg on a plane, and after shattering a dream version of Charlotte, she vows to come after him and rescue her friends. The episode set up a dramatic season 3, which sadly will never happen. "The Art Of The Deal" clearly wasn't designed to give any real closure to fans, and in hindsight, the showrunners probably should have opted for something less open-ended.

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