Photo Gallery For Invasion Drama 'Falling Skies'

Steven Spielberg is messing with extra-terrestrials yet again as the executive producer behind next summer's alien invasion TV show Falling Skies, which we now have some official photos of.

Falling Skies is a new TNT/Dreamworks Television series that stars Noah Wyle (aka. Dr. John Carter from ER) as a college professor who becomes a leader of the human resistance against an invading alien force.

The professor's allies include the therapist Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood from Terminator: Salvation) and a fearsome fellow resistance leader, played by Will Patton (Armageddon).

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) wrote the script for the show's pilot, based off a story he conceived in collaboration with Spielberg.  Battlestar Galactica scriber Mark Verheiden will serve as co-executive producer, alongside his fellow Heroes/Smallville producer Greg Beeman and Dreamworks TV heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank.

Spielberg's new show gives off a definite War of the Worlds meets The Terminator vibe - much like his other upcoming sci-fi show, Terra Nova, brings back memories of Jurassic Park.  As Screen Rant's Ross Miller noted in our previous post on Falling Skies, the blockbuster filmmaker does have seem to have a knack for handling alien stories.  Plus, his involvement does all but assure that the show will have some solid production values - though that's no guarantee that it will feel particularly original or have engaging characters and story arcs.

Wyle brings back memories for me of the bearded Christina Bale in Reign of Fire - at least based off his look in these early images from the show (see the gallery below).  He's less physically intimidating than Bale but that's probably fitting, given that his character was formerly an academic type.  Just an observation of mine.


What do you think?  Does Falling Skies look like it has potential?  Will Wyle make for a sympathetic lead?  Sound off in the comments section below.

Falling Skies begins airing on TNT in Summer 2011.

Source: Turner (via /Film)

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