'Falling Skies' Season 5 Trailer & Cast Interview Promise a 'Powerful' Ending

In the case of TNT's epic summer series, Falling Skies, the fifth time's the charm. Or at least, that's what humanity is hoping as it stages its final assault against the invading fish-head Espheni Overlords and their creepy crawler bench-aliens, putting an end to one of the post-apocalyptic shows currently monopolizing television (don't worry dystopia junkies, you still have AMC's The Walking Dead and The CW's The 100).

Last we saw the rebellious group of human survivors known as the Second Mass, they had just scored a much-needed win by destroying the invaders' moon-based power core (thanks to Lexie's last second sacrificial play). Meanwhile, leader Tom Mason is rescued in the depths of space by a mysterious and "beautiful" group of aliens who we've seemingly never met before. Who are they? What do they want? And most importantly, can they help humanity win the war? Season 5 intends to answer these questions while bringing an epic end to the sky-falling saga.

"This is the time for overkill," Tom declares in the bleak season 5 trailer as he holds up the decapitated head of a charred Skitter. And indeed, for both the characters and the show itself, this is certainly the time to go all out. While Falling Skies has never held back when it comes to explosive action or gruesome, skin-crawling imagery (read: those harnesses), the final act promises to raise the bar even higher as the Second Mass finally goes on the offensive.

In an interview at the London MCM Expo (aka MCM London Comic Con), stars Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass), Drew Roy (Hal Mason), and Will Patton (Captain Weaver) all but confirm the final season's upped ante, teasing major character deaths and a satisfying, "powerful" close to the series as a whole.

In addressing season 4's puzzling cliffhanger, the actors confirm the new aliens will indeed play a "pivotal" role in the final battle for Earth, and that the first episode of the season will address some - though not all - of the mystery surrounding them, including the species' "name". Bloodgood also says the aliens will have a "very specific relationship with a certain character" and will foreshadow the events to come.

That being said, it seems these additional aliens will provide a more cerebral, even metaphysical asset to humanity as opposed to the physical and technological advantages afforded by the Volm. Which makes us wonder how exactly this new species relates to the Espheni and the Volm.

Falling Skies Season 4

Whatever the answer, the climactic season looks like it will pit the Second Mass, the Volm, and the ambiguous newcomers against a very angry, very vengeful hoard of fish heads and Skitters in an all-out battle for survival. It's sure to be one helluva showdown.

Check out the season 5 poster below:

Falling Skies Season 5 Poster

Falling Skies season 5 will premiere June 28th, 2015 @10pm on TNT.

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