Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight - Sept. 28

While last week gave us the majority of new and returning shows, don't forget about some solid shows that have yet to air. Trauma and Lie to Me are two of the last shows left to premiere this Fall and both will be on tonight, Monday, September 28th.

What's New?


NBC - Trauma: "Pilot""Trauma" is an intense, action-packed look at one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics. When emergencies occur, the trauma team from San Francisco City Hospital is first on the scene, traveling by land, by sea or by air to reach their victims in time. From the heights of the city's Transamerica Pyramid to the depths of the San Francisco Bay, these heroes must face the most extreme conditions to save lives -- and give meaning to their own existence in the process. In this initial installment, tragedy hits close to home, and the lives and paths of the team are forever changed.

I've only caught the occasional commercial for this series and haven't really heard much else about it; it seems to be a fast-pace medical show. A talented cast combined with producer Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) garners a watch. I'm just not sure if it's too late - with the barrage of medical dramas out there, this one might fall between the gaps, even if it is entertaining.

What's Returning?

9:00 PM

FOX - Lie To Me: "The Core of It"The Lightman Group investigates a murder case where a woman with multiple personalities (guest star Christensen) may either be a witness or the killer. Meanwhile, the U.S. government hires the firm to interrogate a potential Supreme Court nominee

I'll definitely be tuning in. I love Tim Roth and really enjoy this show. Sure, it started a little slow, but as the characters and their relationships developed, it turned into a show I was excited about. Can't wait to see what happens this season. With only 13 episodes for its second season, hopefully it'll acquire a large enough audience that FOX will order more.

What Else Is On?

With only 2 new and returning shows on the books means that they're going to have to compete for your time against shows that have already returned or premiered.

Here's what else is on...

8:00 PMABC - Dancing with the Stars

NBC - Heroes: "Ink"

FOX - House: "Epic Fail"

CBS - How I Met Your Mother: "Double Date"

CW - One Tree Hill: "Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered" (#703)

8:30 PMCBS - Accidentally On Purpose: "Memento"

9:00 PMCW - Gossip Girl: "The Lost Boy"

CBS - Two and a Half Men: "Whipped Unto the Third Generation"

9:30 PMCBS - The Big Bang Theory: "The Jiminy Conjecture"

10:00 PMCBS - CSI: Miami: "Hostile Takeover"

ABC - Castle: "The Double Down"

Over 10 hours of television is packed into tonight's primetime lineup. I think I'll watch House at 8 because I have yet to see him with the team this season, catch up with Lie to Me at 9 and finish out the night with DVR'd versions of Heroes and How I Met Your Mother.

What shows will you be watching?

Source: The Futon Critic

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