Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan Explain Falcon & Winter Soldier’s Title

Falcon and Winter Soldier With Title

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier cast Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan explain the title of their own Disney Plus series. After Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving forward with a confirmed Phase 4 slate which is a mixed bag of big and small screen projects. One of the latter bring together Captain America's (Chris Evans) closest friends for an adventure of their own as they face Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) once again when it debuts next fall, but the show's title has raised some questions regarding the heroic duo.

Just before he fully retires, Steve Rogers handed the shield to Sam Wilson, effectively making him the next Captain America - a creative turn that's inspired by the events in the comic books. Prior to that, a recuperating Bucky Barnes has gotten a new chance at life in Wakanda with a new alias - the White Wolf. With two new superhero alter-egos, fans are wondering why the pair's own series is named after their old public personas.

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Fresh off their Hall H appearance in light of the official Marvel Studios announcement of their Phase 4 schedule, Mackie and Stan sat down with MTV and was asked by host Josh Horowtiz with what's the real deal about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's title. Mackie, who's typically all jokes, surprisingly gave a straight answer saying: "because I'm not Captain America. I'm still a Falcon." Meanwhile, Stan pointed out that using the "Captain America" tag in the title "would be confusing to the movie anyway."

What's interesting is Mackie said in the same interview that he already had a fitting for his Captain America costume for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Not to mention that fact, that he has been open about assuming the mantle that Evans popularized. That doesn't mean however, that he's bluffing. Chances are that when the show begins, he's very much still Falcon who's grappling with the immense responsibility that comes with wielding the Vibranium shield, especially with the high standard that his predecessor met. It's also worth noting that unlike Steve and even Bucky who were injected with the super soldier serum, Sam is just a normal guy with some nifty gadgets and skills from his stint in the army, so one can imagine how daunting this new gig is for him. As for Bucky, his new persona as the White Wolf seems to be only known in Wakanda. Not much has been revealed about his time in T'Challa's (Chadwick Boseman) kingdom, perhaps like Sam, the Disney Plus series will tackle his transformation as a revamped hero.

Based on what's known about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the title is more of a reference to the show's jumping point. It's a much more interesting story to see both Sam and Bucky struggle to fill the void that Steve left, made much more difficult with Zemo on their tails. Starting the series this way sets up the their arc for the whole series which will help fans get more invested in the characters as they become two of the new faces of the MCU.

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Source: MTV

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