Fairy Tale Princess Team-Up Adventure Lands Pirates 5 Director

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It is almost impossible to think about fairy tale princesses in film without thinking about Disney. Dating back to Snow White in 1937, numerous Disney movies have been about the daughters of kings, sultans, and chiefs; even more have been about young women not born into royalty, but who become princesses by marriage. Throughout film history, these princesses have evolved; in the earliest days they were kind and sweet, but fairly passive, waiting to be rescued. More modern princesses far more are likely to pick up a weapon and defend themselves. Over the generations the animated princesses have gotten smarter, more active, and more capable. These days they are often heroes in their own right.

Now it looks like a new take on these classic fairy tale princesses will be coming to light. There is a new spec script being shopped around Hollywood. Titled Princesses, it is about an Avengers style superhero team up of princesses from fairy tales.

According to Tracking-BoardPrincesses has found itself a director. Joachim Rønning, the co-director of this year's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has attached himself to the movie, which is currently searching for a studio - or studios - to produce it. And yes, one of the studios considering the film is Disney.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Poster (Cropped)

Now might be a very good time for a movie like Princesses. Hero teams are certainly very popular right now, with The Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel on the horizon, as is Justice League and X-Force. When more than one hero is needed, that is usually a sign of a bigger, more action-packed story.

Another popular thing happening in movies right now is the heroic female character. Not just in terms of kicking butt like Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, but look at the most recent movie Princesses. Belle in Beauty and the Beast is even more intelligent and independent than she was in the original animated film, Moana is about a young girl saving her entire island, and Frozen - the story of one sister saving another - is the highest grossing animated movie ever. It sounds like Princesses will be taking these two popular elements of recent films, the team up and the heroic female characters, and combine them into one powerhouse of a film, under Rønning's direction.

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Princesses is written by Nir Paniry and produced by Lawrence Grey under his company Grey Matter. At this time, the script remains under wraps. Keep checking in with Screen Rant for all the latest about Princesses.

Source: Tracking-Board

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