Fahrenheit 451 Trailer #2: Michael B. Jordan Burns Bad Things

Michael Shannon and Michale B. Jordan in Fahrenheit 451

Michael B. Jordan stops burning books and starts reading them in the new trailer for HBO's Fahrenheit 451. Michael Shannon, Sofia Boutella, Laura Harrier, and Martin Donovan also star in the Ray Bradbury adaptation directed by Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes). Bradbury's novel was first adapted as a feature film in 1966 by legendary director Francois Truffaut.

Set in a dystopian future where mass media brainwashes the populace and books are forbidden, Fahrenheit 451 stars Jordan as Guy Montag, a fireman whose job isn't putting out fires but starting them. Montag and his fellow firemen burn the belongings of those found in possession of forbidden objects, including those ever-dangerous books. Shannon co-stars as Beatty, Montag's menacing supervisor. When Guy meets a mysterious young woman named Clarisse (Boutella), he begins to question the ways of this oppressive society. Instead of burning books, now he wants to read them - the ultimate act of rebellion.

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HBO has unveiled a second trailer for Fahrenheit 451, expanding upon the first glimpse of the adaptation in February's initial teaser. The new clip delves deeper into Guy Montag's motivations as he begins to question the nature of his reality while entering into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with Beatty. See the clip above.

Michael B. Jordan in Fahrenheit 451 HBO

The new clip begins with a futuristic cityscape straight out of every sci-fi movie since Blade Runner. We then meet Guy Montag, hard at work teaching school children all about those terrible things called books. "By the time you guys grow up, there won't be one book left," Montag boasts. But in truth, Montag himself remains as much a pupil as the school kids. "I want to know why we burn," Montag says to his boss Beatty. To which Beatty replies, "We are not born equal. We must be made equal by the fire...and then we can be happy."

Anyone who's read Ray Bradbury's novel knows what happens. Montag's curiosity about those books just won't go away. Then he meets Clarisse, who pushes him even farther down the path to rebellion. But the more Montag explores the forbidden, the more danger he places himself in. As Beatty says in the trailer, "Knowledge is a dangerous thing." In a 2017 interview, Michael Shannon promised a "modernized, gritty and dark" take on Bradbury's classic story. And the new trailer seems to promise exactly the same thing. With a lot of Shannon himself at his villainous best, goading Jordan along the road to destruction.

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Fahrenheit 451 premieres May 19th, 2018 at 8pm ET on HBO.

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