15It Was Built Off Of System Shock 2

System Shock 2 Inspired Bioshock

Although Bioshock's development company Irrational Games will forever be associated with the franchise, the team had 6 completed games under their belt before they achieved mainstream success with the release of the first Bioshock. While prior Irrational titles like Freedom Force or Tribes: Vengence failed to leave the splash that Bioshock eventually would,

there was one game that hinted at Irrational's potential. A game so well-received and creatively fulfilling that it served as the jumping-off point for Bioshock itself.

"Let's make a game like System Shock 2," says Lead Programmer Chris Kline in the Bioshock making of documentary included with the collector's edition of the original title. "but make it our own, make it different." System Shock 2 was Irrational Games' first major success, a first-person cyberpunk shooter that included gameplay elements that would late be found in Bioshock, such as the use of audio logs for narrative purposes, ghostly visions of the dead, and the incorporation of many RPG elements into the FPS genre.

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