14Bioshock Almost Took Place In Modern Times

Rapture In Bioshock

From the moment audiences started getting a glimpse at the original Bioshock, one thing stood out above all others – the setting. The world of Rapture is truly unlike anything else that had been introduced in video games – or any medium – before. A world that so effortlessly combined

the familiar (the art deco architecture and design of the 1950s) with the absurd (it's all underwater) that was the player's to explore. Bioshock Infinite mirrored this with an early 20th-century approach to a floating city, but at one point Bioshock didn't have the period-specific setting that would define the franchise.

Nate Wells, Technical Artist, said that the Original Bioshock has gone from everything to modern day to the far future. While those plans quickly fell to the wayside, it's fun to imagine what interesting twist that Bioshock might apply to the present era. At the present moment, Irrational Games has no publicly announced plans to return to the Bioshock franchise – but that doesn't mean that Irrational's creative director Ken Levine doesn't have some cards up his sleeves, and perhaps a modern day Bioshock is one of them.

Andrew Ryan, Antagonist Of Bioshock
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