15He Massacred Some Clone Troopers After Order 66

Whether he went by Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader, the iconic character frequently fought with Clone Troopers by his side. One group in particular, the 501st legion, frequently fought along side Anakin.

After taking the name Darth Vader, he called upon his favorite legion of troops when implementing Order 66, which

resulted in the destruction of the Jedi Temple. But the recent Darth Vader comics changed his chummy relationship status with the Clone Troopers.

The comic series begins after the events shown in of Revenge of the Sith, with Palpatine setting Vader on a quest to create his iconic red lightsaber and to prove himself as a loyal Sith apprentice.  The quest requires him to find any remaining Jedi. The information Vader seeks is aboard a ship full of Clone Troopers, who are stripping the ship of it's Jedi artifacts.

When Vader boards the ship, the Clones on-board don't recognize him as he is now donning the suit as a result of his injuries on Mustafar. The troopers ultimately try to stop him, which forces Vader  to annihilate them so that he can acquire the information he needs.

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