15 Secrets About Brittany Murphy And Ashton Kutcher's Relationship

Brittany Murphy Ashton Kutcher

Relationships are an endlessly complicated subject. Everybody has their own way to approach them with there being no one correct method of being in one. Even in the most successful of romances, couples will not always be happy with each other. They fight, argue, and have large disagreements. If it ends, the two will usually end up having a lasting impact on one and other, forever changing them as people.

Celebrity couples go through all of the same trials and tribulations, with the major difference being that most of their moments are illuminated by the public spotlight. Cameras, gossip magazines, and celebrity talk shows are there to chronicle all the good and all of the bad of the romantic entanglements. Regardless of one's opinion about the subject, it is undeniable that love between stars is a huge part of pop culture.

One of the most highly profiled relationships was the one between Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy in the early 2000's. During their time together they seemed connected by the hip, making even the most hardened cynics believe in true love. Despite the relationship being over for more than fifteen years, there still remains many secrets that have yet to be uncovered. However, we did the snooping for you and are ready to spill all of the juicy details.

Here are 15 Secrets About Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy's Relationship.

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Brittany Murphy Ashton Kutcher
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15 They Were Not In Close Contact Afterwards

Brittany Murphy Ashton Kutcher

Brittany Murphy's passing was a highly publicized tragedy because of how little sense it made for a young star to lose her life so abruptly. On the morning of December 20th, 2009 the actress collapsed in her bathroom after a strong bout of pneumonia and was officially pronounced as gone only a couple of hours later. The news shocked almost everybody and those who knew her voiced their condolences for the late star, including her ex boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

Of the many things the former That 70's Show star said, one of them was him admitting that they were not keeping in touch in recent years. It was nothing negative, but lives drift in different directions and nobody is consistently in touch with everybody they know. Despite this, in the interview he had nothing but good things to say about her, all of it seeming genuine.

We cannot blame anyone for not keeping close contact with an ex, even if there was no bad blood between the two. Sometimes it is still a little awkward. If Ashton kept in close contact with every one of his exes, he would have no time for his current wife, Ukrainian born beauty Mila Kunis.

14 When Was The Last Time They Saw Each Other?

Just Married Italy

There's always a last time for everything, including the last time two people every see each other. More often than not people do not realize that encounter is the last when it is happening. No meaningful final exchange of words or heartfelt goodbyes, just a meeting that takes on significantly more meaning when it is confirmed as the last rendezvous.

Ashton Kutcher has been kind enough to tell the public about the last time he saw Brittany Murphy before her untimely passing. A few months prior to the tragedy, Kutcher was producing a television show and wanted Murphy to come in and try out for a part. She came in, had a meeting, and that, sadly, became the last time the two saw each other. As we all know, the actress would lose her life shortly after.

Countless stories and anecdotes teach us that we must treat every moment and meeting as if it is our last, because it very well may be. It is hard to truly take this lesson to heart until we ourselves experience it to some degree, whether it be slight or severe. For Kutcher, losing a dear friend at a young age must have been a hard way to learn it.

13 What Lesson Did Ashton Learn From The Relationship?

The Butterfly Effect - Ashton Kutcher

There is a lesson to be learned from everything, whether big or small. People should always reflect on their mistakes and relationships in order to find out exactly what went wrong and avoid repeating the same errors. Otherwise, they will inevitably repeat the same cycle over and over again. With lovers it is especially important to have the same reflection to make sure that future relationships fare better and that each partner can be better at the romance.

Marc Shapiro's book Ashton Kutcher: The Life and Loves of the King of Punk'd talks about an interview Kutcher did after the romance ended where he says "I wouldn't recommend dating coworkers. It's not smart. At all." While it is perfectly sound advice, Kutcher himself did not exactly follow it to a tee. As most people know, he ultimately ended up marrying his former That '70s Show costar Mila Kunis. This did not seem to be a bad move, however, since the duo currently have two children.

Perhaps there was more to this lesson than Kutcher initially told the press. It is better to say that if you are going to date coworkers, do not do it if it will just be a meaningless fling.

12 Why Did They Break Up?

For celebrity couples, the gossip does not end when the two call it quits. This moment opens up a whole new can of rumors and speculation, fueled by the curiosity of what ultimately led to the demise of the love affair. In many cases the two parties of the relationship are really the only people who know the truth.

With some digging one can find the reason for Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy's break up. Ultimately, it seemed like their life styles did not match up, with Ashton wanting to return to his bachelor ways. It makes sense for a young, handsome celebrity to have this attitude. It seems like the whole world is at his feet, and it is not that much a hyperbole to think so. As we all know, he has since settled down two times.

Also, According to one source, Brittany's mother was also a small source of tension between the two. A parent of one of the partners causing some problems is not an uncommon story, and reminds us that celebrities have the same human problems as the rest of us. The same problems, and usually a lot more money and a whole ton of fame.

11 Not The First Love With A Tragic Ending

Ashton Kutcher really seems like he has at all. The 40 year old star has a solid acting career, made great business investment, and even has the compassion to dedicate his time and energy to worthwhile causes. However, even the most charmed of lives has tragedy in it somewhere. For Kutcher, the most obvious moment of strife was when Brittany unexpectedly passed on. Even more shocking is that this was not the first time a romantic partner of the actor has unexpectedly lost their life.

In 2001, Ashley Ellerin had her life tragically taken from her by Michael Gargiulo while she and Kutcher were dating. Kutcher was supposed to see her on the very night the crime took place, but arrived to the woman's house after the unseemly tragedy occurred. Michael was caught and it was revealed he had done the same thing to at least ten other women.

It's good news that the perpetrator was found, but it does nothing to bring back all of the people who are no longer of this earth because of him. Justice was served, but it will never stop being sad to think about and it certainly must have had a profound effect on Kutcher.

10 Were The Engagement Rumors True?

Just Married Ashton Kutcher Brittany Murphy

With the endless coverage of celebrities comes the endless speculation, ranging from small trifles to giant conspiracies. These rumors can seem baseless, like they were pulled out of thin air, or sometimes they can be grounded in some fact or at lease supported with evidence.

During Ashton and Brittany's tenure as a couple, the big rumor that surrounded them was that they were already engaged.

The evidence that supports this is that they could in fact be seen wearing engagement rings in public. They themselves kept quiet about the rumors and just let the public gossip. The most plausible reason for them donning the rings was part of a promotion for the film they were in together, Just Married. While the marketing was subtle, it got people talking about the couple and the upcoming movie so it was successful.

There is still a slim chance the couple were indeed engaged for a short time before calling off the courtship entirely, but the odds of that are tiny. If it was a marketing stunt, thinking back on it now makes it seem like the main attraction, and the forgotten film Just Married feels more like a marketing campaign for their relationship.

9 How Did They First Meet?

It is very common for people to become involved with someone in a similar profession. Lawyers marry lawyers, doctors marry doctors, etc. With this in mind, it is no surprise that actors date other performers. Kutcher and Murphy were no different, having made their connection while costarring in the 2003 romantic comedy, Just Married.

The film is a run of the mill affair for the genre, with a newlywed couple going through awkward situations together while hilarity, or at least attempted hilarity, ensues. The main gag through the film is how the two newlyweds are never able to consummate their marriage due to circumstance. The couple eventually break up but reunite after Kutcher's character proves his love for her. As anyone can see, there is nothing special to be taken from the film.

While Just Married may not have stood the test of time, having earned terrible reviews and several Razzie nominations, it at least spawned a real life relationship, and even the public got way more mileage from the actors' time together than they did from the lackluster comedy.  It would also be far from the last mediocre rom-com Kutcher starred it, but everybody has to do something to keep food on the table, right?

8 Did They End On Bad Terms?

Brittany Murphy Ashton Kutcher in Snow

Couples end their relationships in a large variety of ways. Sometimes they start to despise each other and the two get to a point when they cannot even think of the other again, let alone see them. But other times things end amicably with no bad blood between the two parties. Kutcher and Murphy fall into the latter category.

When the couple ended their engagement, there was no reported exchange of ill words or malicious deeds. On the contrary, when one commented on the other in interviews, it was always something positive. It is surprising to hear that they ended things so calmly and without drama, especially since they were both still fairly young people at the time. Generally it takes humans many years to handle relationships responsibly and with dignity, with some never really learning how to do it right.

The fact that there was always friendliness between the two means that, even though they were not destined for marriage, the relationship was not in vain.

There was something more than lust that connected them. If they were not true friends, then more than likely their time together would have ended worse, with drama for all of the public to see.

7 What Were Their Differences?

Just Married Couple On A Bed

Like the Paula Abdul new jack swing classic states "two steps foward, two steps back, we come together because opposites attract". This platitude does not only apply to pop starlets and rapping animated cats, but also to couples. If two people always do the same things and have the same interests, then there is nothing interesting to learn about each other. When people are different, the relationship teaches both partners new things and by the end both of them are changed.

This applies to Ashton and Brittany as well, who were definitely two individual people with two different lifestyles. At that time in his life, Kutcher still enjoyed having a night on the town. Brittany, on the other hand, often stayed home, focused on work, and still lived in a house with her mother despite already having found considerable success.

Brittany's love and affection for her mother was well documented, with the actress contributing much of her victories as an actress to her mom's unconditional support. Ashton, still being a young man, cannot be blamed for wanting to go out a lot and spend his week's pay out on the town in style. The two still managed to have a relationship despite these large differences.

6 That One Time They Met Each Other's Spouses

Even if exes remain civil with each other after a breakup, it can still be strange to see the former lover with somebody else. Maybe it strikes a bit of envy, twisted nostalgia, discomfort, or a combination of all three. When the encounter happens among mature people, the small amount of tension can be handled responsibly without making a scene. If either party has less integrity it can be a dramatic event where someone ends of making a fool of themselves.

In 2007, this very thing happened to the two former lovebirds at a store opening. Murphy showed up to the event with her husband, British writer and film producer Simon Monjack. Kutcher was married to Demi Moore at the time and the two were there hand in hand. No scene or drama occurred, but it is easy to imagine that there was some tension or discomfort at the event. It is unknown if the awkwardness was handled with uncomfortable silence or humor.

Since the two remained friends until Brittany passed away, our bet is that nothing dramatic took place at the store opening. Regardless, it is still a funny happening to think about and the two probably shared a laugh about it themselves.

5 Ashton's Reaction To Her Passing

Ashton Kutcher Producer of Beauty and the Geek

Brittany and Ashton's romance ended in the early 2000s, so their time together had been over for more than five years when the actress left this world. A lot happens to a person over the course of five years and their feelings for people in their past may not be as strong.

Still, even with all that time having passed, Ashton Kutcher was vocal about his grief and shock when he first received the news.

The actor and businessman describes his feelings in an interview from May of 2010. Specifically he says "I don't think you can (make sense of it), I don't know if you try to make sense of it or not,". Additionally he reflects on how she was during her short life and her endless positivity and energy. Of her outward nature he says  "she was always the first person to dance."

Thirty two is an extremely young age to pass on, especially when it happens so unexpectedly. It undoubtedly hit everybody who knew her hard, even if those people knew her many years ago and were not in close contact during her last days. It is not really possible to make sense of it because it seems so unfair and like nothing positive came from it.

4 How Long Did The Relationship Last?

The brightest stars also burn for the shortest amount of time. While this phrase often refers to lives or careers, it can also apply to relationships. Most people have that love story that lasted so short was so filled with passion it seemed like it would never end. Yet in real life the fling only lasted a few weeks or several months. But even after the fact, it lingers in the memory and life like a smell, permeating through every aspect of one's life. Take, for instance, Brittany and Ashton's relationship.

The whole thing only lasted approximately seven months, a fact that many people may find surprising.

Despite the romance ending in 2004, there is an internet article being published about it in the year 2018. As for the two former lovebirds themselves, it is apparent that their time together, while short, was significant to both of them.

Of course the importance of an event or chapter in one's life should not be measured by how long it was, but by how much it effected or changed them. If said event still influences your world, then even if it passed with the snap of the fingers it never truly ended.

3 The Inaccurate Lifetime Movie

The Brittany Murphy Story Fake Ashton Kutcher

The Lifetime network is not exactly known for approaching sensitive topics with care and caution. Grounded stories do not always bring in high audiences numbers, but sensationalized portrayals of tragedy will not garner a good reputation for a channel. Even with this pedigree, The Brittany Murphy story goes a step too far with its poorly executed dramatization of the starlet's life. Featured prominently in the film is the romance between Murphy and Kutcher.

While far from the only part of her life inaccurately portrayed in the movie - it is not a stretch to say none of it is close to reality - the handling of the relationship is especially flawed. It is treated as nothing more than a mere loveless fling, when all evidence really points to it having been something more. Of course, a turbulent relationship that ends with one party dramatically revealing that it was all fun and no emotion makes for better television than a healthy engagement that simply did not work out.

Very few people go into a Lifetime movie expecting a hard hitting, true to life drama, and are entertained by the sensationalized dramatization. However, these are real people's lives being put into film and it is arguably disrespectful to tell the story in such a way.

2 They Started Out As Friends

Brittany Murphy Ashton Kutcher together

Relationships start in a variety of ways. Sometimes it is love at first sight, with the two becoming immediately enamored with each other at the first meeting. Other times things cook slowly over the course of months, starting out as friends or acquaintances before organically growing and moving to the next step.

These two lovebirds started out slow before revving up to a more serious romantic engagement.

Of the way their relationship started, Kutcher has said "we were just friends. We just kind of started hanging out more. And now we've been hanging out a lot more." Of course, hanging out a lot more and undoubtedly with a different array of activities, but this article will not delve to far into those details; Still have to keep things PG, after all.

The jury is still out on which is the better way to start a relationship. Some people are strictly against starting romances with a friend because of its potential to jeopardize the friendship once the romance is gone. On the other hand, some people think it is perfect since true lovers ultimately also need to be best friends. In the end, what works for one couple may not work for another.

1 They Were Hush Hush About It

Some celebrities revel in every moment of attention they receive from the press and public, while others try to avoid the spotlight or eventually get fed up with the amount of focus put on them. Those who get sick of it sometimes become reclusive, moving away from the major cities such as Los Angeles or New York and rarely, if ever, giving interviews. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy are not those types of celebrities, yet they still kept quiet about much of their time together, specifically when it came to their breakup.

It's still not one hundred percent known just why they did not spill the details of their love's end to the press. They were never shy for the cameras, but perhaps this specific detail was just too personal to share with the world. Even if one's life is in the spotlight, there are somethings that need to stay private.

Whether it was intentional or not, the silence only put more attention on the two, with everybody endlessly guessing as to why the two split. Maybe if they had simply told everyone why, they would have just shrugged their shoulders, said "okay", and moved on with the next bit of celebrity gossip.


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