Facebook's 'Mafia Wars' Movie On The Way


It would appear Hollywood executives are spending too much free time on Facebook. A film adaptation of the interactive Facebook game Mafia Wars is now in development. To be honest, I'm surprised it beat Farmville to the big screen.

If you have yet to "hide" the Mafia Wars game on your Facebook news feed, this should come as no surprise. The onslaught of ridiculous movie ideas has hit rock bottom at least 10 times in the last year alone, but this is another new low.

Of course, there is a built in fan base of 25.9 million Mafia Wars subscribers. An optimistic executive likely pitched the idea along with a "guaranteed" $259 million box office. But this is how the film industry thinks in 2010. It's all about the money in this new age of cinema.

Pajiba reported the news with a certain level of disappointment that we share. The studio in charge of the project should be enough proof that this could be an epic failure: Radar Pictures, the same studio behind Swing Vote, The Invention of Lying, All About Steve, Everybody’s Fine, and The Box. Writers are currently being sought for the project.

However, the core concept of the game does come from a cinematic origin. Even the title font has a strong resemblance to The Godfather. Surely the development team behind the game had this intention from the beginning. What doesn't make sense is how random games like Mafia Wars can get a production deal, but Halo cannot.


Unfortunately, this brings the question of what is next? Will Farmville actually get a film treatment? Not even our own gypsy, Paul Young, could predict such an absurd idea as a Mafia Wars movie when he pitched a handful of ridiculous but possible video game movies.

Facebook itself is already getting big-screen time in the near future with The Social Network, which hits theaters on October 1st, 2010. The cinematic future is bright for the website, if these adaptations are any sign of things to come.

What do you think of a Mafia Wars movie? What is next? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Source: Pajiba

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