'Face Off' Season 4 Premiere - Who Will Win?

Face Off Season 4 Premiere - Winner

Face Off has made a swift return for season 4. This year, Oscar winning make-up artist Michael Westmore is stepping in as a mentor to the contestants, while a new group of industry heavyweight step in as guest judges. But can you tell from the start who will win Face Off?

Once again, Face Off starts this year's competition with quick effects steps using minimal equipment. For this challenge, the contestants were asked to create a Queen based on the different crowns each were given. Although these make-ups are typically the sloppiest ones of the entire season, it almost always reveals a few strong competitors that could go all the way.

This time, Eric F., Anthony and Jenna all stood out and took top spots with their make-up work. However, it was Anthony's blue Seussian character that ultimately came out on top. That being said, a win early on in the series doesn't necessarily mean that you'll make it to the end. In seasons 2 and 3, the person who won the first competition was voted out in episode 7 and 4, respectively, while in season 1 it was Conor McCullagh, the overall winner of the season, who won the first competition.

Next up, the contestants were paired up for their first elimination challenge and were asked to create their own take on a King who reflects the land they rule. Two of the top spots from the previous competition, Eric F. and Jenna, were teamed up together for a Desert King, while Anthony was teamed up with Meagan for a Mountain King. However, with Anthony having won immunity, it will be Meagan who takes a hit if he drops the ball (or face mold).

Face Off Season 4 - Eliminated

Troy and Michael's Volcanic King; Troy was elinimated

Yes, Anthony may have dropped the face, breaking the nose, but he fixed it, and their King ended up in one of the top spots in the competition, along with Eric F. and Jenna, and Autumn and Eric Z. In the end, Anthony once again took home another win, this time sharing it with Meagan, who has now been revealed as a strong competitor. Troy, who created a Volcanic King with Michael, was first to be voted off.

Although the first competitions of the series are generally up for grabs, can you, the viewer, already tell who will likely the be in the finale? With two wins under his belt, Anthony is currently sitting at the top of the pack. Even so, Eric F. and Jenna aren't too far behind him, neither is Meagan.

Who do you think will end up winning Face Off season 4?

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Photo Source: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

Face Off returns next Tuesday @9pm with "Heroic Proportions" on Syfy. You can check a preview of next week's DC themed episode (with Jim Lee) below:


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