'Face Off' Season 3 Finale - Who Should Win?

Check out the creatures from the 'Face Off' season 3 finale and let us know who you think should win!

Face Off Season 3 Finale - Laura

Last night we saw the final competition of Face Off season 3, which pitted Laura, Nicole and Derek against each other in a battle for the $100,000 grand prize. Unlike in previous seasons, this year's winner will be chosen by viewers and revealed tonight, live. But before the winner is officially revealed, we have to ask: Who do you think should win Face off this season?

Laura, Nicole and Derek have fought their way to the finale with impressive character creations, but their spot in the final competition didn't come without some challenges of their own. Not only have they had to create original Star Wars and Dr. Seuss-themed characters, Derek also had to overcome his affinity for "big heads" while Nicole had to overcome being, well, kicked off. Laura, admittedly, has passed through relatively unscathed. But is that enough to bring home the win?

All six of the created characters (2 per person) had to follow the theme 'Demon vs Good Witch.' While the Demon could be anything, the Good Witch's origin had to be elemental and include a natural source for their power.

To help you check out the competition, you can check out their final character creations below. And to help you pick a winner, we included some comments from the judges:



Face Off Season 3 Finale - Laura

Earth Witch – "Gorgeous execution." (Glen Hetrick)

Toxic Demon – "It felt like it was from another world." (Glen Hetrick)



Face Off Season 3 Finale - Nicole

Water Witch – "The outcome was great for the witch." (Nevel Page)

Hell Demon – "It's a bit blocky… but that's not to say I didn't like the demon. The color break between the face and chest are actually different colors, and I love that." (Glen Hetrick)



Face Off Season 3 Finale - Derek

Fire Witch – "What I love is how her hot lava energy is infused in the demon." (Ve Neil)

Soul Eater Demon – "The strongest silhouette and profile." (Glen Hetrick)


Now that you've seen all the creatures, who do you think should win Face Off season 3?

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You can check out larger versions of the photos from last night's competition below:

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Face Off season 3 finale airs tonight @10pm on Syfy

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