What To Expect From F Is For Family Season 4

F Is for Family Netflix

Netflix's F Is For Family season 4 is happening, so what can fans expect? Created by comedian Bill Burr and The Simpsons writer Michael Price, the adult animated sitcom, F Is For Family, follows the trials and tribulations of an Irish-American family in the 1970s. 

On F Is For Family, Burr voices the patriarchal figure Frank Murphy, a Korean War veteran who's not afraid to express his opinions. In supporting roles, Laura Dern, Justin Long, Haley Reinhart, and Debi Derryberry round out the Murphy family cast. Vince Vaughn serves as executive producer, along with Peter Billingsley, who famously starred in the 1983 classic A Christmas Story.

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In addition to F Is For Family’s main voice cast, Mo Collins voices numerous characters, and received a 2017 Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her work. F Is For Family resonates with viewers because of its brash yet heartfelt comedy and ‘70s-era aesthetic, which is why F Is For Family season 4 is happening.

F Is For Family Season 4 Renewal

F Is for Family Netflix

In January 2019, Netflix officially ordered F Is for Family season 4. This came approximately two months after F Is For Family season 3 released, which means that executives most likely had to sort through the numbers before making an official announcement. F Is For Family marks Netflix’s second animated comedy after BoJack Horseman. For context, BoJack Horseman season 5 released on September 14, 2018, and was renewed approximately six weeks later. Netflix’s third animated comedy, Big Mouth, premiered season 2 on October 5, 2018, and was renewed the following November. 

F Is For Family Season 4 Release Date

F Is for Family Netflix

F Is For Family season 4 will release in 2020. In the past, Netflix released the first three seasons of F Is For Family in December, May, and November, respectively, so an early 2020 F Is For Family season 4 release date would align with the unpredictable release dates thus far. Still, it’s entirely possible that Netflix may bump up the F Is for Family season 4 release date to late 2019.

F Is For Family Season 4 Story

F Is for Family Netflix

F Is For Family season 3 ends with Bill and Bridget hoping to run off together. However, the latter fails to follow through, thus leaving Frank’s son in limbo about the future. What’s important is that the Murphy family comes together, with the parents understanding that they can do more for their children. Plus, the F Is For Family season 3 finale teases the impending arrival of Frank’s father, which will likely throw a wrench in the family’s home dynamic. Looking ahead to F Is For Family season 4, it seems likely that each of the main characters will learn a lot more about each other via the senior Murphy's presence, and Frank doesn't appear too thrilled about the new house guest - and that dynamic will unfold in F Is For Family season 4's story.

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