Exclusive: F is for Family Star Says Season 4 "Definitely Happening"

Justin Long as Kevin Murphy in F is for Family

F is for Family's Justin Long says season 4 of the Netflix series is on the way. Based on the life and comedy of Bill Burr, Netflix's F is for Family is one of the streaming giant's funniest and most heartfelt programs. An animated sitcom set in a 1970s Americana stripped of any pretense of nostalgia or family-friendliness, the show features a glowing mix of raunchy humor, family drama, and excellent acting from leads Burr, Laura Dern, Justin Long, and Debi Derryberry. Season three brought producer Vince Vaughn into the mix as a PTSD-stricken Vietnam veteran who brings his demons home with him, to intense dramatic effect.

Thus far, the series has been produced on a pretty slow schedule, with seasons being released roughly a year and a half apart from each other. Perhaps this is the secret to the show's consistently high quality, but it's also hard on fans who devour each new batch of episodes with a ravenous ferocity and must then wait patiently for the next salvo. Plus, Netflix is infamous for withholding information about renewals and premiere dates, often leaving audiences guessing as to when their favorite shows might be returning.

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In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Justin Long shared some insight into his character, teenage misanthrope Kevin Murphy, a rebellious kid with a passion for fantasy-themed prog rock and a general ineptitude at his high school studies. During the interview, we asked about the show's future, if season 4 is in the cards, and Long expressed absolute confidence in the return of F is for Family:

It's on the time table, yes. I think we're gonna start recording soon. It's definitely happening.

F Is For Family Season 3

Netflix has yet to offer an official renewal to the series, but it's hard to argue with Long's enthusiasm and expectation that he will, in fact, be returning to work on F is for Family, as he said, "Soon." Surely, the show's many fans will be pleased to hear this news, though it would still be nice if Netflix would step up and officially give season 4 a green light; in a world where Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist were all unceremoniously cancelled, fans need assurances that their favorite shows won't be obliterated on a whim.

Even if work is progressing on the next season of F is for Family, fans will still have to wait a while for those seeds to bear fruit; as mentioned before, audiences had to wait about a year and a half for each season, and season 3 only just released on November 30. Even if Bill Burr and company decide to speed up their process, it's still a risky bet that the popular series might yet return in 2019.

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