F Is For Family Season 3 Trailer Brings Plenty Of Foul-Mouthed Laughs

F Is For Family Season 3

The new trailer for season 3 of Netflix’s F is for Family isn’t afraid to spread a little foul-mouthed cheer. The series, from comedian Bill Burr and Michael Price, is one of several adult animated series streaming on Netflix, and it certainly proves that designation as the series gears up for its third season with Frank Murphy (Burr) and the rest of his family; namely, his entrepreneurial wife Sue (Laura Dern), as well as his underachieving son Kevin (Justin Long) and two other kids, Maureen (Debi Derryberry) and Bill (Haley Reinhart). 

The first two season of the series were smart, funny, and, perhaps most importantly, self-aware, mostly about the show’s clever use of nostalgia for a “simpler time,” i.e., the ‘70s, when things were dramatically different than they are now. That attitude plays well with Burr’s sense of humor seen in his stand up routines, and it gives the series a chance to measure its animated characters against modern day sensibilities without being too overt about it. That sort of formula has worked pretty well for the series for two seasons now, and from the look of the season 3 trailer, the show is simply refining the recipe. 

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The new season seems intent on exploring more of the Murphy family’s relationships outside the confines of their home. In particular, Frank makes a new friend, Chet, a military veteran who Frank immediate puts on a pedestal. A new kind of relationship blossoms between Frank and Chet, one that suggests they’re pretty close to being soulmates — or at least they’re operating on the same level of misanthropy. Check out the trailer below:    

The new season also introduces Bridgette Fitzsimmons, a potential love interest for Bill, who happens to have a vocabulary that will make her fit right in with the rest of the Murphy family. And while those two additions should make for some interesting storylines about personal growth for two more or less emotionally stunted people, F is for Family hasn’t forgotten it has an Academy Award winner in its midst. Notably, new trailer makes sure to shine a spotlight on Sam Rockwell’s Vic, who is basically an animated version of Matthew McConaughey’s Wooderson from Dazed and Confused. 

All in all, it looks as though season 3 of F is For Family will make for a nice streaming break from your own family, as new episodes drop just a week after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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F is for Family premieres Friday, November 30 on Netflix.

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