F Is For Family Voice Cast & Character Guide

F Is For Family is a much more foul-mouthed take on the typical animated family sitcom but who are the actors behind the main characters? F For Family was co-created by comedian and actor Bill Burr (Breaking Bad) and the series revolves around the Irish-American Murphy family.

The show also isn't afraid to veer into decidedly non-PC humor, with main character Frank Murphy prone to saying whatever's on his mind. Despite this, F Is For Family still has a lot of heart too. The Netflix show has attracted an audience based on his mixture of laughs and drama, and the series has been renewed for a fourth season.

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It's the F Is For Family cast that makes it so much fun, so let's take a look at the actors behind the show.

F Is For Family

Bill Burr - Frank Murphy

Bill Burr is a prolific stand-up comedian and podcaster who has moved into acting in recent years. Aside from Breaking Bad, Burr has also appeared in Daddy's Home 1 & 2, Maron and The Front Runner.

Laura Dern - Sue Murphy

Laura Dern is probably best known for her role in Jurassic Park, but she's established herself as a versatile performer in projects like Wild At Heart, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Twin Peaks: The Return.

Justin Long - Kevin Murphy

Justin Long plays the oldest child of Frank and Sue, who is a lazy, wannabe rock star. Long is known for his roles in movies like Dodgeball, Live Free Or Die Hard, and has a recurring role on The Conners. He's also well-known for the "Get A Mac" ad campaign.

Haley Reinhart - Bill Murphy

Bill is the middle child of the Murphy family, and voice actress Haley Reinhart first rose to prominence following her appearance on American Idol. She has also appeared on 90210 and Hell's Kitchen.

Debi Derryberry - Maureen Murphy / Kenny / Assorted

Debi Derryberry voices the youngest child of the Murphy clan in the F Is For Family cast, in addition to other roles. Derryberry has over 250 acting credits to her name, including voicing the main role in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Monster High and video games such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colussus.

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Sam Rockwell - Vic Reynolds

The rich, drug addict neighbor to the Murphy family. Sam Rockwell is a famous character actor, who received acclaim for his lead role in Moon and other projects including Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Vice and Iron Man 2.

David Koechner - Bob Pogo

David Koechner plays Frank's gruff, overweight boss, with Koechner best known for his roles in the Anchorman movies, Krampus and The Goldbergs.

Vince Vaughn - Chet Stevenson

Vince Vaughn joined the F Is For Family cast in season 3 voicing Chet, a new neighbor who clashes with Frank. Vaughn is known for his comedy roles like The Wedding Crashers, Old School and recently for more dramatic work like True Detective season 2 and Dragged Across Concrete.

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