Ezra Miller Calls Justice League Cast a 'Gang of Weirdos'

Justice League star Ezra Miller is heaping some unusual praise on his fellow cast mates, noting that their varied backgrounds have ended up making their bond even stronger, both onscreen and off.

Justice League is the much anticipated next chapter in the DC Extended Universe (which is apparently not what it's actually called), where Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) recruit Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Miller's Flash to take on Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds), an alien warlord who has come to conquer Earth in the wake of Superman's death at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Miller had brief cameos in both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, but this will be his first major turn as the speedster Barry Allen.

He seems to be enjoying the ride. In an interview with Geek Magazine, Miller rhapsodizes about the unique relationship he shares with his fellow superhero actors in colorful terms:

"I love this gang of weirdos. We're all very different humans and we really love each other through and through. I personally always feel that the goodness of what we create interpersonally on a set flows into the quantum fabric of the film. I completely trust in this very esoteric understanding.

"I would earnestly say it was a raucous monkey barrel of creativity. A veritable artistic crockpot a-sizzle with the primordial ooze from which our vertebrate film shall ultimately rise. Rest assured, every day of this magnificent endeavor, the retired airplane hangers of Leaversden Studios shook with gleeful laughter and guttural war cries as devout humans poured themselves into this endlessly fascinating work."

Miller's sentiments are certainly encouraging, and he makes a good point about the cast coming from fairly varied backgrounds - running the gamut from Ray Fisher, a virtual unknown, to Ben Affleck, one of Hollywood's biggest stars for two decades. With the exception of Affleck, the cast consists of actors who, while all from very different backgrounds and at different points in their careers, are just now on the cusp of becoming certified movie stars. The notion that the cast has bonded in the face of the impending escalation of their fame is a nice thought.

Perhaps most reassuringly, the notion that the cast has excellent onscreen chemistry bodes well for Justice League, which has had an infamously troubled production, as director Zack Snyder stepped aside in the wake of his daughter's tragic death, and Avengers director Joss Whedon stepped in to oversee reshoots and post production. Additionally, DC's nascent film universe is looking for its second unqualified win in a row after this summer's triumphant Wonder Woman dominated the summer box office and was met with critical raves. That's a lot of pressure on Justice League's shoulders, but it's a promising sign that Miller is suggesting the cast is up to the task.

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Source: Geek Magazine

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