Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Reality TV with a heart?

Ok, call me a softy, wimp, whatever, but this show gets to me every single week. Heck, this week it put a lump in my throat in the first five minutes... usually that doesn't happen until the end of the show.

If you're not familiar with the premise, on each episode the crew (including the ever-popular Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces) visits a family that has either submitted a request, or has had someone else submit a request for them, to have their home completely made over.

What happens is that with a construction/design crew of over 100 people, the house is completely gutted and updated depending upon the needs of the family. This usually includes state of the art appliances and plasma TVs, which are not necessarily needs, but once you've heard the family's story you won't begrudge them these things.

When I started watching the show I thought it would be great to have my house done. However, as the weeks go by, I'm thankful that I'm not on the show, as the families that appear have had life hand them some serious hardships. We're talking paralysis, death in the family, etc.

Yes, this stuff happens to other people, but it does my heart good to see families who have fallen on tough times have something that is equivalent to a gift from God bestowed on them. The appreciation in the faces of these people is truly something to behold.

The flip side of the coin is that I cannot imagine the designers who are regulars on this show walking away without being changed forever.

Definitely worth watching. I recommend it highly.

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