Netflix’s Extreme Engagement Is Survivor Meets 90 Day Fiancé

Extreme Engagement follows an adventurous engaged couple who put their relationship to the test as they travel the world together for a year.

Extreme Engagement Netflix

Netflix's new show Extreme Engagement has all of the relationship drama of 90 Day Fiancé with all of the physicality and battling of the elements of Survivor. This show documents a couple as they travel the world together for a year in this survivalist's pre-marriage course.

Extreme Engagement is a series that's part docuseries/part reality television show that happens to be Australia's first unscripted original Netflix series. It follows an engaged couple, television journalist PJ Madam and filmmaker Tim Noonan, as they travel the world to meet with indigenous groups to learn how different cultures view marriage. The couple spends a year traversing the globe addressing the challenges they've faced throughout their four-year engagement and determine over the course of the year if they should get married.

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This unique Netflix series features components of Survivor in its aim to balance survival with the social dynamics of 90 Day Fiancé in its overarching message of trying to determine, in a fixed amount of time, whether the couple should stay together or go their separate ways. The difference with Extreme Engagement is that there's only one relationship to focus on throughout the series. Madam spoke about the premise of the show with 7 News AU, saying, "It turned out to be a self-designed pre-marriage course where it just ripped apart all those fantasies that marriage should be amazing and wonderful." The will-they/won't-they suspense can drive the binge-ability factor of the streaming series with the stunning settings serving as entertaining backdrops to the drama. Noonan recently spoke about the difficulties they faced all over the world, saying, "It didn't matter if we were in the burning heat of the desert in Nigeria or -30 degrees in Mongolia. Every bit of it was difficult."

Extreme Engagement Netflix

The series, broken down into eight episodes, has been criticized by many for the fact that its premise isn't based on exploration, but the exploitation of cultures for the purpose of creating content. In the first episode, when Noonan and Madam visit Cameroon, the action centers around Madam's judgment of the various tasks and rituals she is asked to perform. Meanwhile, Noonan tries to capture the footage with his bulky camera perched on his shoulder. During one of the couple's many disagreements, Madam says, “All he cared about was getting the perfect shot.”

The show has drawn the ire of fans and critics alike for its cultural insensitivity. If the audience isn't turned off by what it deems to be disrespectful to various cultures, then this one-of-a-kind relationship adventure show has the ability to satisfy both Survivor and 90 Day Fiancé fans alike. What sets this reality show apart is that it was created as a one-off, where audiences will discover whether the two remain as a couple in season's final episode. Barring an Extreme Marriage sequel, it appears as if this ambitious Extreme Engagement experiment may have already run its course, for better or for worse.

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Source: 7 News

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