Extended Lost Season 6 "Grace" TV Spot

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We're about a month and a half away from the beginning of the end for one of the coolest and lovable, yet mind-boggling shows on television. That of course, is ABC's Lost.

The masterminds behind the series have been more careful than ever about keeping things under wrap for this final season and using only scenes from earlier in the series for their promos, but what we do know is that we'll be seeing a lot of out favorite regulars from earlier seasons making a return in season 6 which is a fantastic way to close out the series.

Check below for the new extended "Grace" TV spot featuring Willie Nelson's rendition of Amazing Grace as the background music.

Thanks to /Film for the find. Watch and enjoy:


I couldn't be more excited to see the show return for its final set of episodes although it's sad to see some of my most favorite television characters ever leave, it's comforting to see the mysterious show come to some sort of conclusion.

This trailer pales in comparison to the Spanish Lost Chessboard trailer from two weeks ago, so definitely check that out if you haven't already.

Are you call caught up on the show? What are you looking forward to most from season 6 of Lost?

Lost Season 6 begins with a three-hour event on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

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