Explosions Galore on the Set of Red Dawn

Things on the set of the Red Dawn remake sure have been jumping lately. Tanks, machine guns, explosions, Chinese invaders, and oh yeah, EXPLOSIONS! Thanks to the great guys over at Red Dawn 2010, we have some fan footage of an explosion from the set of movie as they were filming it as well as some great high quality stills taken by photographer David Guralnick at The Detroit News.

Dan Bradley is making his solo directorial debut with Red Dawn and many people are concerned that he may not have the ability to pull it off. The man does have plenty of 2nd Unit and Stunt Directing experience and it's that experience that I think will help drive this movie into the "great" category. He oversaw the stunt work in the movies The Bourne Ultimatum, Spider-Man 3, Crank, Cradle 2 the Grave, Donnie Darko and he did 2nd directing on Quantum of Solace, Superman Returns, Three Kings and my personal favorite Critters 3: You are what they eat (hot dang I love that tag line!)

Take a look at this video below; I don't know who Tuffy is but I'm betting right about now he wishes he hadn't agreed to that "remodeling" contract he signed with the producers. The explosion is at 44s so feel free to fast forward a bit and enjoy the Boom Boom!


We also have some photos by David Guralnick at The Detroit Times during the filming of another explosion scene in downtown Detroit the other day. You can see that it's a Chinese converted "Friendship" building of some sort and who ever that is walking away from it apparently isn't too happy with their friendship because as he walks away BADA-BOOM!  You can see the explosions below and check out The Detroit News website for the rest of the photos.

And just because I like you guys so much I put all the pics together in one animated sequences, well, because I can and I thought it looked cool.

I'm becoming more comfortable with Bradley behind the lens and I've never had a problem with the actors chosen. Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck as Jed and Matt Eckert respectively, with a great supporting cast of Josh Hutcherson, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Isabel Lucas as part of the Wolverine attack pack should make for some strong acting. The only thing we need to look for now is a good script review or a decent teaser trailer to watch.

What do you think about Red Dawn and its SFX? Think Dan Bradley has the chops to handle it or not?

Red Dawn lands in theaters September 24th, 2010.

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