'The Expendables' on Fox: 15 TV Stars We Want Included

Expendables on TV

It was recently announced that an Fox will be taking event television to the next level with a small screen version of Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. NCIS: Los Angeles creator Shane Brennan, as well as screenwriter Greg Coolidge (Ride Along), will be penning the script for our first adventure.

The biggest selling point of the franchise is, of course, how it brings together some of the most memorable names in Hollywood for an epic throwdown, the likes of which feature-film fans had only dreamed of before.

But, if the plan is to do the same kind of thing on television, just who would make for the perfect expendable? Maybe this list can help answer that.


Terry Crews ('Brooklyn Nine-Nine')

Expendables TV - Terry Crews

Something we don’t fully know yet about the new series is if it will be set within the existing universe of Expendables films. If it is, it would make sense for there to be a bridge between the big and small screen, and there’s no better choice for that bridge than Terry Crews.

Considering his current role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Crews certainly qualifies as a TV action star (albeit a humorous one) - and since The Expendables 3 saw him get phased out a little bit, he seems like the perfect man to lead a new team of heroes on the small screen. Also, he already has connections at Fox thanks to Nine-Nine, so the likelihood of it actually happening just makes sense.


Sullivan Stapleton ('Strike Back')

Here’s the truth of the matter: if we’re asking what the be-all-end-all of action TV is at the moment, what the gold standard for small screen mayhem is, the answer is Strike Back. There’s no series, right now, that delivers action the way Cinemax’s story of two government agents does. So of course it would seem obvious that at least one the show’s two leads would appear on an Expendables series - and if you have to pick between Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton, it seems like a safe bet to go with the more action hero-y of the two: Sullivan Stapleton, a.k.a. Damian Scott.

The man is a true action hero archetype and could, in theory, serve a the series’ version of Jason Statham’s character from the film, that of the new generation hero stacking up against the old school guys.


Lucy Lawless ('Xena: Warrior Princess')

If one has to choose who the more worthy warrior is between Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules and Lucy Lawless’ Xena, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that would honestly answer the former. Lucy Lawless was doing action on TV before it was cool to do action on TV - and she gave a whole generation of women a reason to enjoy the sword and sandals genre – something she did again with her work on Spartacus.

Lawless is the kind of name that could bring some real credibility to a very testosterone heavy franchise.


Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Going back to the track of up and coming TV action heroes, you can't any further without bringing up Jensen Ackles. The fact of the matter is what’s kept the actor from being the next Jeremy Renner is a strict loyalty to Supernatural (and the money it prints). Marvel is rumored to have approached Ackles for Hawkeye - while making late changes on the list for Captain America - so we already know he’s going to break out as an action film star any day now.

An Expendables series might work for him because, if scheduled correctly, it could shoot around his Supernatural schedule. Or, he could even be the series’ version of Liam Hemsworth from the second movie. If you saw that flick, you know what that means.


Michael K. Williams ('The Wire')

Say it with us: Omar! There cannot be an Expendables show without the man that is, quite possibly, the hardest presence to grace the airwaves of HBO; even Tony Soprano wouldn’t mess with Omar Little. Williams is an actor that carries with him some serious street cred, and in an action setting, he could be the shining star. Whether or not it would actually happen is a mystery, but boy would it be nice to make this a reality.

Also, Williams has been killing it lately in just about every role he’s taken. So, really, there are many reasons to bring him aboard.

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