Pierce Brosnan Wants to Join 'The Expendables'

Pierce Brosnan has said he'd like to join 'The Expendables.' Would the actor be a good fit for the action-packed series?

Pierce Brosnan wants in The Expendables

Sylvester Stallone's band of aging action stars have saved the world in The Expendables and The Expendables 2, and soon they'll be joining forces again in The Expendables 3. The next time around, they might have a member of Her Majesty's Secret Service joining their ranks.

In a recent interview, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan said he'd love to be a part of The Expendables. Given his four tours as 007, he might be a perfect fit.

Talking with Coming Soon, Brosnan explained that he's had some casual conversations with producer Avi Lerner about the possibility of appearing in a future sequel.

I said to Avi Lerner, 'If it works out and you have a good script, Avi, you know where to find me if you still want me.' It's as simple as that really. I had a grand time in his company. Sylvester Stallone is the one that's given us these wonderful platforms for actors who have and had careers to go play and have fun and to entertain. To bring a bunch of guys together who saved the world, fought the bad guys, and put them all on the same stage, that's crazy good.

It's just about entertainment. Avi is somebody I've heard about and his movies always have big brash entertainment value to them. You can really change the world and that's great, but 'The Expendables'? Yeah, I'd love to do 'The Expendables.' It's just a kick in the pants."


The Expendables 3 Official Trailer

As a fan of Pierce Brosnan's Bond, especially GoldenEye, it would be neat to see him join up with the rest of the team in The Expendables 4. Not only has he kicked butt on the big screen, but he's clearly excited about the opportunity to star in the film. There's also the fact that there aren't that many older action stars left to fill out the roster.

Of course, that assumes that there will be a fourth film. Given that the movies are continuing to perform well at the box office, especially overseas, it's reasonable to think the same will happen when The Expendables 3 hits theaters in August. However, one has to wonder how many more rounds Stallone and the gang can keep the action alive.

The trailers for the film are playing up the idea that this might be the crew's last ride. If so, Brosnan may not get a chance to strut his action movie stuff again.

What do you think? Would you like to see an Expendables 4? If so, do you want Pierce Brosnan to join the series?


The Expendables 3hits theaters August 15th, 2014.

Source: Coming Soon


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