Why They're Expendable: Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham

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Welcome back to the 3rd day of Expendables week here at Screen Rant!

The past two days have probably been the manliest two days ever at Screen Rant. On day one we discussed Randy Couture, Steve Austin,  and Terry Crews' qualifications to be in The Expendables; then yesterday we amped it up a couple of notches to talk about Dolph Lundgren and Eric Roberts.

Heck, while writing these articles, I've been getting 5 o'clock shadow at 10 in the morning and I've had an unending desire to eat nothing but red meat!  I figure by the end of this entire series I'll be living in a cave, surrounded by tools and grunting.

Well break out your razor, fire up the grill and crack open a bottle of steak sauce because today's two stars from The Expendables are as macho as they come.


Mickey Rourke - Tool

The Expendables with Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke hasn't had an easy life in the world of cinema. In fact, he was careening down a path of self-destruction so rapidly that he felt it necessary to return to the world of boxing in the early 90s. Whether it was to help him literally beat the demons out of his life or he just wanted to do something different for a time, Rourke went undefeated in 8 matches as a boxer. The sport was hard on him physically: he suffered multiple injuries during that time and his looks certainly began to show it.

He had a pretty face all the girls loved back in the '80s and got his groove on with Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks, Lisa Bonnet in Angel Heart and Jacqueline Bisset in Wild Orchid. After he got roughed up boxing, his roles as the handsome leading man stopped and he became more of a rugged secondary man/villain. Over the years, Rourke has established himself as a pretty decent actor - with occasional glimpses of extraordinary talent - and almost won a Best Actor Oscar in 2009 for his role in The Wrestler.

Here are the top 5 movies we feel qualify Mickey Rourke to be an Expendable.

#5 - Iron Man 2

Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2

Fresh off his Oscar-nominated performance in The Wrestler, director Jon Favreau managed to snag Rourke to play the villain Ivan Vanko/Whiplash in Iron Man 2. While the movie didn't quite live up to the hype surrounding it, Rourke's performance did. He played Vanko as the over-the-top villain he is and I personally thought his Russian accent was superb. I know he has a thing for animals, but that bird had to go.


#4 - Domino

Mickey Rourke in Domino

"My name is Domino Harvey - I'm a bounty hunter." OK, so my name isn't Domino Harvey but Mickey Rourke did play bounty hunter Ed Moseby in the movie Harvey's life. Bounty hunters, by their very profession, are certified badasses and I seriously doubt anyone would ever want to cross paths with one. While Rourke's role in the film was second fiddle to Keira Knightley, he managed to make his character cool just by playing him.



#3 - Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Mickey Rourke in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

While being the very definition of a financial disaster - the film only made $7.3 million on a $23 million budget - Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is actually quite a fun film and is worth a watch if just for the rooftop scene and opening gas station scene. To be a badass you need three things: Motorcycle - Check; Leather outfit - Check; Hot women hanging all over you - Check. Yup, Rourke qualifies as a badass then.



#2 - The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler

Don't let those sparkly green tights fool you, this is the movie where Mickey Rourke may have given his finest performance ever. Better than Body Heat and 9 1/2 Weeks, The Wrestler was almost Rourke’s life story in a nutshell. A washed-up wrestler looks for redemption in the eyes of his daughter, love with a stripper and validation in his sport. The fact that Rourke did almost all of his own stunts at the age of 56 is even more impressive.



#1 - Sin City

Mickey Rourke in Sin City

Mickey Rourke was virtually unrecognizable as Marv in Frank Miller's Sin City. He wore a series of prosthetics to make him look more like the hulking tough guy with a heart of gold from the comic and his role is mostly considered to be the most popular part of the comic and film. His fight scenes with the cops, mobsters and bad guys are fantastic as is his stomach-turning final battle with the psychopath killer, Kevin.



Continue to why Jason Statham is qualified for The Expendables team.

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