'The Expendables 3' TV Trailer: These Guys Are Nuts

Sylvester Stallone and the Expendables gang face-off with Mel Gibson in a new 'Expendables 3' extended TV spot.

The Expendables 3 TV Trailer

A new extended TV spot for The Expendables 3 (see above) mostly recycles and/or re-packages footage from the full-length theatrical trailer, but does so effectively and with some new material sprinkled here and there - thus, getting you all the more excited to see Sylvester Stallone's Barney Ross and his band of (crazy) brothers - along with a younger sister now - throw down against Barney's old partner (played by Mel Gibson).

So far, Expendables 3 looks to be the most polished and proficiently made installment in the Expendables series to date, thanks in part to the efforts of director Patrick Hughes (whose next trick will be to remake The Raid for U.S. audiences). Similarly, this movie could have the most authentic throwback feel of any Expendables movie released to date, as Stallone co-penned the script with Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger - the duo who gave us last year's entertaining homage to the 1990s action scene, with Olympus Has Fallen.

On top of that, Stallone has admitted that the first Expendables installment was a bit too self-serious, while the followup had the opposite problem and went overboard on the winking/self-referential humor; with Expendables 3, however, Stallone believes that he achieved the proper "marriage" between those two approaches. The short of it: Expendables 3 might not only be the best Expendables movie to date, it may also come the closest to being a solid film simply on its own terms - meaning that if this is indeed the "last ride" for Sly and his Expendables brethren, then they could very well go out in top form.

The Expendables 3 TV Trailer

As for Expendables 3's box office prospects, you might have heard that the film was officially Rated PG-13 last week; that means gentler foul language and bloody violence than an R Rating would've afforded, but also that it can potentially reach a wider audience in theaters, as a result.

However, according to Collider, the original cut of Expendables 3 was slapped with an R, before subsequent edits were made in order to attain the more adolescent-friendly label from the MPAA. As such, the PG-13 theatrical version of the movie could still wind up being hard-hitting enough to satisfy even the more hardcore action fanatics. If that doesn't sound so interesting, then you can always just wait to watch the Unrated version of Expendables 3, when it becomes available on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Expendables 3 opens in U.S. theaters on August 15th, 2014.

Source: Collider

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