Stallone Updates 'Expendables 3' Director Search: No to Mel Gibson or John Woo

Sylvester Stallone updates The Expendables 3 director search

The search is on to find a director for The Expendables 3, now that the nostalgic franchise's mastermind, Sylvester Stallone, has finished a script that is tailor-fit to incorporate new "old blood" (Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes) and new "new blood" in the forms of a young tech-wizard - thinks the Expendables equivalent of 'Q' in Skyfall - and a tough woman who brings more than sex appeal to the table.

Sly has yet to announce who will sit in the director's chair on the third Expendables installment, but has gone ahead and closed the door on two names that fans have been championing; that includes, sadly, the heavily-buzzed about candidate who joined the conversation just two weeks ago.

It was Sly who proposed that Oscar-winner Mel Gibson direct Expendables 3 in the first place, but he has since confirmed on Twitter that such a scenario isn't in the cards after all:

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