Steven Seagal Joining 'Expendables 3' After All?

Steven Seagal joins 'Expendables 3'

Steven Seagal is probably the biggest holdout on fans' wish-list of aging badass action stars to be featured in The Expendables franchise. The first two installments had Seagal's name associated with them (if only by fan nomination) - but in each case, the hope was never rewarded. It comes no surprise then that The Expendables 3 casting process has once again entertained rumors of Seagal joining up; it's even less surprising that that same rumor was once again debunked earlier this year by franchise architect Sylvester Stallone.

What IS surprising, however, is new word that strongly indicates that Seagal could pull a complete 180° turn and sign up for a go of it (pun intended) with the rest of the Expendables crew.

It is Sly himself rekindling this particular casting news fire, with this not-so-cryptic tweet:

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