Sylvester Stallone is getting his boys back together for The Expendables 3, and he wants to convince all the cool kids to join them – while includes people like Mickey Rourke (who was unaccounted for in Expendables 2) – for a third round of reliving the testosterone-fueled action genre movie glory days.

We’ve been hearing for a while that the invite list could include names like Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan – in addition to Wesley Snipes (who’s fresh out of jail) – while, more recently, Sly confirmed that the longtime holdout, Steven Seagal, may finally be willing to join in the explosion and cheese-riddled festivities.

Today, we can announce that yet another iconic action movie star – and a (gasp!) woman at that – is lining up to “track ’em, find ’em, kill ’em” with Sly and his boys (or craggy-faced muscleheads, whichever you prefer), based on a report that lists Milla Jovovich as being – along with Chan, Snipes and Cage – in “advanced negotiations” to become a member of the Expendables acting crew.

The report from Deadline confirms what we’ve been hearing from Sly for some time now: that Chan and Snipes are all-but officially locked down. Furthermore, it gels with Dolph Lundgren’s previous comment about Cage ranking high on the Expendables 3 Wanted List, and that filming – as mentioned in the announcement by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer – is expected to begin in late Summer/early Fall 2013, to keep the film on-course for a Summer 2014 release date.

resident evil 6 release date Expendables 3: Chan, Snipes, Cage and Jovovich in Talks to Join the Cast

However, this is the first we’ve heard about Jovovich being on the verge of striking a deal to board the project. Nevertheless, this potential casting makes sense, seeing how the Fifth Element and Resident Evil franchise’s badass leading lady fits the bill – when it comes to a role that Sly described as “a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny, tough, REAL.” (Sidenote: Jovovich is, technically, both a sex symbol and tough cookie, but we’re not complaining.)

Sly has recruited new blood to work behind the scenes on Expendables 3 – in the form of budding indie filmmaker Patrick Hughes (Red Hill) – and Jovovich may not be the only whipper-snapper (relative to this franchise, anyway) who’s added into the mix. A previous rumor indicated that Joe Taslim – the martial artist star of The Raid: Redemption and Owen Shaw’s (Luke Evan) mostly-silent thug in Fast & Furious 6 – could also become a cast member. That would be in keeping with Sly’s comments about wanting to beat The Raid at its own game (re: by delivering more non-stop thrills and bone-crunching action).

There are still big questions about Expendables 3 casting that remain to be answered – like will Cage be chewing the scenery as the villain and is Jet Li going to return (in some capacity) – so keep your eyes peeled for additional updates on the Screen Rant homepage over the forthcoming months (as we approach the start date for production).

How do you like The Expendables 3 lineup so far? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Deadline

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