More 'Expendables 2' Rumors: Cage, Lambert, Lautner, & More

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The only bits of concrete information we have about The Expendables 2 right now is that lead actors like Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham are returning, Bruce Willis is seemingly set to play the villain, Simon West will be directing - and the screenwriter of Muppets from Space and Curious George is co-writing the script (no joke).

Word is that there are a whole lot of actors being eyed as potentials to star in the second Expendables flick, which explains the slew of unconfirmed casting news and rumors we've been hearing. Today, we have some more fuel to add to the fire.

Twitch has confirmed that stars like Donnie Yen, Chuck Norris, and John Travolta are high on the wish-list that West, Stallone, and their Expendables 2 production team have put together. None of them are officially signed on or even in negotiations right now, though, according to the report.

Moviehole has dug a little deeper and found out that there are many other noteworthy names on the list, including:

  • Nicolas Cage, who remains as busy as ever, and would reunite with his Con Air and Medallion director Simon West if he signs on for Expendables 2. Not to mention, if Travolta comes onboard, it will be a Face/Off reunion for the two actors.
  • Christopher Lambert, the star of the original Highlander - who, by coincidence, is hoping for a comeback by starring alongside Cage in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Christian Slater, who is currently appearing in the Stallone-headlined Bullet to the Head (formerly, Headshot) and is a veteran of '90s action flicks like Young Guns II, True Romance, Broken Arrow, etc.
  • Taylor Lautner, who will attempt to leave his Twilight days behind him and become a full-blown action star, with this fall's Abduction. Lautner is also a trained martial arts athlete, as demonstrated by his bo staff skills.

How does the Sesame Street line go, again? "One of these things is not like the other..."

Taylor Lautner in the Abduction movie trailer

It ought to be mentioned that NONE of the aforementioned rumored candidates should be considered sure-things at this point. Stallone has been (for lack of a better word) infected with 80s/90s throwback fever for a while now, which is what prompted The Expendables in the first place. Whether his fellow aging macho men stars are interested in joining him for the party is another matter.

That doesn't mean that most of these gentleman won't give serious thought to signing on for Expendables 2, which promises to be more of what its predecessor was aiming to be: an old-fashioned testosterone fest, chock-full of explosions, catchy one-liners, and badass actors killing everything in sight. The Expendables delivered some of that, but the idea that its sequel is going to be bigger and better is what will ultimately convince other stars to jump onboard.

In the meantime, we will continue to keep you posted on all news and rumors concerning The Expendables 2.

Source: Twitch, Moviehole

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