New 'Expendables 2', 'Lawless', 'Dredd' & 'Looper' Posters

'The Expendables 2' Last Supper Banner

We're on the last month of the Summer 2012 movie season, but there are still several action-packed offerings due to arrive over the next eight weeks. That list includes the manly action-fest Expendables 2, distinguished period crime tale Lawless, gritty comic book flick Dredd, and guns-blazin' time-travel thriller Looper.

Scroll on down to check out the latest posters, banners, and international one-sheets for the above-mentioned films (along with additional information about each respective title).

The Expendables 2

Sly Stallone's Expendables is the second coming of raw testosterone cinema, for movie geeks old enough to remember a time when such screen heroes as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean-Claude Van Damme were as prevalent as costumed superheroes are today. Expendables 2 is (literally) The Last Supper in a new banner that "improves" on Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece painting by adding a host of crinkled musclemen armed with guns and booze, with Sly positioned as our savior (he's even wearing a cross necklace).

Bonus: this is the first Expendables 2 ensemble poster to include Scott Adkins!


'The Expendables 2' Last Supper Banner

Expendables 2 pits Sly and Co. - including, series newcomers Chuck Norris, Yu Nan, and Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games) - against a plutonium-obsessed warlord (Van Damme) out to "change the balance of power in the world." The R-Rated sequel features a different director in Simon West (The Mechanic) and is trumped up as the film that Sly really wanted to make the first go around. Here's hoping it fulfills that promise.

The Expendables 2 opens in theaters on August 17th, 2012.

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John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road) reunites with screenwriter/musician Nick Cave a third time for Lawless, a Depression-era crime drama boasting the acting talents of Dark Knight Rises alums Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman, along with Guy Pearce (Prometheus), Jessica Chastain (The Help), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), and, um, Shia LaBeouf. We can offer a pair of posters for U.S. and UK moviegoers, respectively, that uses the "magic" of digital trickery to bring these stars together.


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Lawless is not only one of Screen Rant's most anticipated releases this month, it's one of our most anticipated titles of the entire year thanks to the stellar cast and creative personnel (trailer footage suggests those hopes aren't in vain). Hilcoat's film should have longer legs at the box office, now that it won't have to face off against fellow true-story crime thriller Gangster Squad during its second week of release (the latter's been delayed to January 2013).

Look for Lawless to open in theaters on August 31st, 2012.

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Pete Travis' Dredd hits theaters next month, and this writer can vouch the film fulfills on its marketing slogan - as a grisly and violent representation of the Judge Dredd universe (think Paul Verhoeven levels of graphic killing, enhanced by low-frame rate sequences that illustrate the effects of futuristic drug Slow-Mo). The final poster for Travis' 2000 AD comic adaptation is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as teasing the destruction wrought by Dredd (Karl Urban) in this movie goes.


The Final 'Dredd' Poster

Story-wise, the Dredd script from Alex Garland (28 Days Later...) is very lean and mean. It sees Dredd give rookie Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) a crash-course in upholding the law during an impromptu raid of Slow-Mo kingpin Ma-Ma's (Lena Headey) compound. Suffice it to say: if pure unadulterated visceral stimulation is what you want, then Dredd is pretty much as good as it gets.

Dredd opens in 2D and 3D theaters on September 21st, 2012.

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The time-travel thriller Looper from writer/director Rian Johnson stars Joseph-Gordon Levitt (fresh off Dark Knight Rises) as a hitman from the future who's living in the past, where he eliminates targets sent back in time... until he recognizes one target as an older version of himself (Bruce Willis). Johnson left his thumbprint on the Noir genre with Brick and Caper genre with Brothers Bloom; there's good reason to suspect he'll do likewise with the sci-fi genre in Looper.


'Looper' Banner Featuring Willis & Levitt

Johnson's Looper examines several intriguing ethical quandaries and philosophical dilemmas inherent to the concept of time-travel, while offering simpler entertainment value as a exhilarating man-on-the-run thriller. The setup reads as a clever example of original storytelling; the trailers and Comic-Con panel footage likewise paint this one as a winner. Looper could also become Johnson's most lucrative effort to date, thanks to the combined starpower of its leads.

Looper opens in theaters on September 28th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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