The Expanse Star Teases A New 'Movement' In Amazon's Season 4

Cas Anvar The Expanse Season 3

Cas Anvar of Syfy's - soon to be Amazon's - The Expanse is teasing a new phase of the show beginning with season 4. Syfy recently cancelled the show, but the fourth season will be resurrected on Amazon's streaming service. Impassioned fans took to social media after learning of the show's cancellation. Now, with season 4, and possibly future seasons guaranteed, a new movement of the series will begin.

As Alex Kamal, Cas Anvar has been with The Expanse since the show premiered in 2015, and the character of Alex's has grown throughout the past three seasons. He now has a home and family aboard the Rocinante. Anvar's character began as an introverted spectator of sorts, not knowing his place, and moving with the turning tides on the Canterbury. But now, Alex isn't running from anything. Even more so, Alex has something worth fighting for. The recent episode of The Expanse saw desolation at every turn and a deceleration has left many fans curious of the characters' fates. Now, Anvar is revealing what could come next.

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In an interview with Cinema Blend, Anvar talks charting the trajectory of what's to come for future episodes of The Expanse. As Anvar describes, the first movement of the series is culminating with the finale of season three:

All I can say is maybe you might want to wear some sort of motorcycle helmet or else you might have your mind blown. Something just to keep your head together because it's going to be insane. And now that we have been guaranteed a season 4, you guys are in for a ride next year! Season 3 is the end of a movement in a symphonic science fiction orchestra. [Seasons] 1, 2, and 3 are the end of the first movement of The Expanse journey and then season 4 is the beginning of the second movement of this space opera. So prepare yourselves for all these characters that you love to be going in a completely new and absolutely thrilling direction.

Cas Anvar Dominique Tipper and Shohreh Aghdashloo in The Expanse Season 3

The two-hour finale will hit Syfy on June 27. The previous episode, "Fallen World," left a slew of cliffhangers that will hopefully be resolved with the finale. But the final episode extravaganza will leave fans completely "mind-blown." Anvar also made mention of how upset fans would have been if the season 3 finale functioned as the series' finale. But devotees to The Expanse can thank Amazon Studios for picking up the show for it's next phase.

Anvar did not go into detail about what to expect from the next movement of The Expanse. The actor did note, however, that fans should prepare for their favorite characters to be going into completely different directions starting with season 4. The space opera will take fans, and characters, into new, unfamiliar territory. And given the devotion of fans pulling for the series to be picked up by the streaming service, new adventures and stories may be the caveat fans will have to accept.

It's very exciting to see a show as unique as The Expanse finding new life on a streaming service like Amazon's. And with the new platform for the series could come more freedom in terms of the show's content. Amazon has been upping their game when it comes to original streaming content, including shows The Man In The High Castle and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, among others. With the addition of The Expanse, Amazon Studios will have a new fan base to curate to, and Expanse fans will find a new place for their show to call home.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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