The Expanse Season 3 Trailer Confirms April Premiere Date

Season 3 of SYFY’s acclaimed series The Expanse sets a premiere date for early April, as a brand-new teaser trailer hints at the conflict to come. Last season, the interstellar series took the drama to new heights, as tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belters rose, almost to the point of inciting nuclear war. Cooler heads ultimately prevailed, but the political climate within the solar system remains rife with conflict for the time being, especially now that Chrisjen Avasaraia (Shohreh Aghdashloo) has been attacked, and the crew of the Rocinante separating over what to do with the protomolecule sample.

The new teaser doesn’t offer much in the way of new footage of the upcoming season, but instead it hints that as bad as things got in season 2, it’s likely only going to get worse. And it’s easy to see why. With news of the protomolecule making its way through the solar system and the various factions all vying for a piece of it, creating a new and terrifying arms race, The Expanse has an epic conflict brewing in season 3. That conflict is compounded by Holden (Stephen Strait) and Naomi’s (Dominique Tipper) quarrel with regard to her handing over a protomolecule sample thought to have been destroyed to Fred Johnson (Chad L. Coleman).

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Holden’s voiceover in the teaser makes a few key points, alluding to his and Naomi’s difference of opinion, while also touching on the discovery Amos (Wes Chatham) made about his past, and how it may explain why he is the way he is. Aside from a quick shot of Bobbie (Frankie Adams) as well as the aftermath of the attack on Chrisjen, the teaser doesn’t have much time to focus on anyone else. That means no Cas, Belters, or the UN Science Team and the bizarre fate the befell them as they attempted to examine the massive protomolecule wreckage on Venus.

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Playing coy with what awaits the characters in season 3 is a smart move by SYFY, as the teaser does a solid job reminding viewers what’s at stake, now that there are protomolecule monsters running around the solar system. As such the preview does offer a brief glimpse of the creatures, just so everyone’s on the same page with regard to the threat they pose, one that will only be worsened by the infighting over their existence.

If anything, season 2 left The Expanse in an enticingly uncertain place, one where the established status quo seems ready to be upset in fairly dramatic fashion. The crew of the Rocinante has already been reconfigured, and it’s a safe bet that won’t be the last shake-up the series has in store. For a show that’s been compared to Game of Thrones, The Expanse has done a great job making sure that comparison stays true.

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The Expanse season 3 premiere Wednesday, April 11 on SYFY.

Source: SYFY

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