The Exorcist Showrunners Reveal Potential Season 3 Settings

The Exorcist's showrunners have begun looking forward to season 3 and making plans for the series' characters, ahead of the show's seconds season premiere. Series creator and executive producer Jeremy Slater and co-executive producer Sean Crouch not only have story ideas for the next chapter in the series, but know exactly where it will take place too.

Despite concern from genre fans, most of whom felt let down by the Exorcist movie sequels and prequels past, the first season of The Exorcist TV show was a surprisingly accomplished and scary affair. Focusing on Fathers Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) and Marcus Keane (Ben Daniels), it cleverly wove the apparently-unrelated story of another suburban possession into a devilish sequel to the original movie. In season 2, the main plot moves away from the Regan MacNeil story, and tells of another demonic incident in a secluded foster home in Montana, far away from the city setting of the first tale. The two leads are joined by John Cho and Brianna Hildebrand for the latest chapter of satanic shenanigans, with Slater promising "new types of horror scenes".

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However, even before the show starts to air again, both Slater and Crouch have revealed their plans for season 3, based on their hope that the series will be renewed after season 2. Speaking to Digital Spy, Crouch revealed the intended locations for the Exorcists' next road-trip:

"If we had our way, season 3 would be in Los Angeles and then we'd play the other half of the story in Mexico, across the border - almost like The Bridge a little bit, so we could really play with that culture, that very strong Catholic culture. I think that's a great sandbox for season 3, so fingers crossed."

Slater expanded upon this by saying that season 2 was very nearly set in Mexico, but was stymied by one major complication:

"Originally we had some ideas for that and then it turns out it's just impossible to convincingly pull off Mexico in Vancouver... But if the show's lucky enough to move forward, Tomas has a long backstory that we've barely begun to dive into."

The pair have previously spoken about their wish to have six or seven seasons of the show, in order to fully tell the stories they have in mind, and that still seems to be the case. It also means that they can have the luxury of telling standalone plots of new and unique possessions, whilst still fleshing out the overall arc of demonic influences and corruption in the Catholic Church and the Vatican. Ideally this would play out something like the alien conspiracy arc in The X-Files, but with a very definitive endgame.

Hopefully the intelligent scares shown in season 1 will carry over into season 2, and a formal renewal of the show will be more of a foregone conclusion this time. If that's the case, then we can hopefully look forward to seeing the demon-battling priests travel across the border in future episodes.

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The Exorcist returns to FOX tonight, September 29 at 9/8c.

Source: Digital Spy

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