The Exorcist TV Pilot Lands Rise of the Planet of the Apes Director

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In this so-called Golden Age of Television, it might seem that producing a successful TV series has a pretty simple formula: deliver a high concept with as much of a cinematic feel as possible. The best TV doesn’t play like TV; instead, it looks and feels like an extended night out at the movies, all from the comfort of your living room.

We’ve seen evidence of this again and again, with some of the best and most in demand Hollywood actors, writers and directors finding their way to our TV screens. The resulting success of TV’s transformation into something more cinematic has given rise to a multitude of films being turned into series’, which are then eagerly consumed by viewers.

So great is this push to adapt films to the small screen that even one of the most renowned horror films of all time is getting the TV treatment. The Exorcist is on its way courtesy of FOX. Deadline is reporting that Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Gambler director Rupert Wyatt will be calling the shots on the show’s pilot episode.

Gambit Movie Loses Director Rupert Wyatt
Mark Wahlberg and Rupert Wyatt working on a scene for The Gambler

This report about Wyatt’s status as director comes a little over a week after word of the Exorcist series itself made its way online, with screenwriter Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four (2015)) onboard to write the one-hour pilot for the prospective show. The series promises to be a psychological thriller focusing on two men, dealing with one family’s case of demonic possession.

Wyatt’s careful and exacting directorial style worked wonders for 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes – a film that also borrowed key elements from a classic film that was sacred to many. It’s worth remembering however, that The Exorcist was an originator upon its release in 1973. Today, the public has dealt with a seemingly endless onslaught of demonic possession movies and topics - and for this reason, Wyatt could very well have his work cut out for him.

As a TV series, the concept of The Exorcist could certainly work – but it’s going to take a strong script and even stronger direction to pull it all off. Rupert Wyatt is a great choice to helm this initial pilot, so it will be very interesting to see how he delivers such a classic story to viewers living in The Golden Age of TV.

Screen Rant will continue to bring you all the latest news regarding The Exorcist TV series, as it’s made available.

Source: Deadline

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