The Exorcist Sneak Peek Offers a Creepy Look Into Season 2

There's only a few days until the second season of The Exorcist possesses TVs, so FOX have released a  brief sneak peek into the show to give you a creepy idea of what to expect. Along with some snatches of previously-unseen footage, there are also some snippets of insight from the cast and showrunner Jeremy Slater.

When FOX first announced that it had given the go-ahead for the small screen adaptation of The Exorcist franchise, genre fans weren't that optimistic. Sequels and prequels to the groundbreaking original 1973 Exorcist film have been disappointing (with the exception of The Exorcist III), and there had been rumours of film reboots and remakes being in the works, prior to the TV series moving forward. However, the show went on to pleasantly surprise most people, and become enough of a hit to secure a season 2 renewal.

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With the show's two priestly leads still present and accounted for in season 2 - with Alfonso Herrera returning as Father Tomas Ortega and Ben Daniels back as Father Marcus Keane - fans were a little disappointed to learn that Geena Davis will no longer be an integral part of the show in its second season. However, Slater has offered assurances that this is because season 2 marks the beginning of a whole-new story arc - one that will not disappoint fans of the first season, according to the showrunner. With John Cho and Brianna Hildebrand confirmed to be among the new cast members in The Exorcist season 2, there's fair reason to be optimistic about what lies ahead on the series.

The short video - which can be seen above - has Slater running through the set-up for The Exorcist season 2. Six months after the events of the first season, Fathers Ortega and Keane are on the road and become involved in a demonic possession affecting the occupants of a foster home run by Andrew Kim (Cho). There are some frantic glimpses of Keane performing an exorcism on a black-eyed girl in the back of a truck, whilst being chased full-speed by gun-toting individuals. There's also a jump-scare involving a confessional box, a foreboding scene with masses of dead birds (echoing a moment from the first season), and plenty of references to the ritual itself, with the black-eyed girl a constant presence. The cast and scenes also refer to a growing friction between Keane and Ortega on how they deal with the latest diabolical shenanigans.

Slater also hypes up the content with some very confident quotes. He promises "new types of horror scenes" adding that "Some scenes are so scary that we're not sure how we're going to get them on Network TV". It certainly whets the appetite and raises the expectations. Slater had also said that this new season will draw inspiration from The Exorcist III for its scares, and this looks to be the case judging by the footage released so far. All being well, the show could run to six or seven seasons, but this will obviously depend on how season 2 is received first. So far, we're very eager to find out what other devilish delights the show will bring us, when it returns next week.

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The Exorcist season 2 premieres Friday, September 29 on FOX.

Source: FOX

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