The Exorcist Director Will Appear on Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Director William Friedkin

The Exorcist director William Friedkin is set to make a guest appearance on The Simpsons' 2017 'Treehouse of Horror' episode. Hosting guests of such esteemed caliber is of course no new proposition for FOX's animated institution, which has featured a who's who of Hollywood over its soon to be 29 seasons. Well, soon to be 30 really, as The Simpsons has already been renewed up through the 2018-2019 broadcast TV season.

Of all The Simpsons' various ongoing gags and traditions, the annual 'Treehouse of Horror' episode is one of the most beloved, especially by fans of the horror genre. First introduced during season 2, 'Treehouse of Horror' has gone on to parody many of the greatest fright flicks of all-time, including The Shining, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Poltergeist. In more recent seasons, 'Treehouse of Horror' has also ventured outside of horror more and more often, sending up films like A Clockwork Orange, Goldfinger, and Back to the Future.

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In a move that really seems long overdue, this year's edition of 'Treehouse of Horror' will feature a parody of the classic 1973 demonic possession shocker The Exorcist. Appropriately enough for this special occasion, TV Line reports that The Exorcist director William Friedkin will be a guest star on the episode, but oddly, his role won't be in The Exorcist parody. Instead, Friedkin will voice a character named Dr. Kenneth Humphries in another story titled 'MMM… Homer', in which Homer runs out of food while his family is away and begins cannibalizing himself.

Guillermo Del Toro - Treehouse of Horror Simpsons

Meanwhile, the actual Exorcist parody -- entitled "The Exor-sis" -- will feature its own related guest star, Ben Daniels, one of the leads on FOX's The Exorcist TV series. It's not clear who the titular possessed sis will be, but it sure would be hilarious to see Maggie get possessed by a demon and start shouting profanity at Homer and Marge, or any other Springfield denizen who happens to stop by.

Friedkin's role on The Simpsons represents  a rare gig for the Oscar-winning filmmaker, having spent almost the entirety of his career behind the camera. In addition to earning the title of horror master via The Exorcist, Friedkin's storied filmography also includes classics like The French Connection and To Live and Die in L.A.

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The Simpsons' 'Treehouse of Horror XXVIII' airs Sunday, October 22 on FOX.

Source: TV Line

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