'Exodus: Gods & Kings' Featurette Teases Epic Biblical Scale

The main cast of Exodus: Gods and Kings

Iconic filmmaker Ridley Scott has been on quite the busy streak this decade. When his next film, Exodus: Gods & Kings hits theaters this December, 2014 will become the third consecutive year we've seen a new offering from the director (after Prometheus in 2012 and The Counselor in 2013). And he's showing no signs of slowing down, as he's already beginning work on The Martian - which is set for a November 2015 release.

While his more recent works haven't reached the level of praise he saw earlier in his career, one thing that most viewers can agree on is that a Scott film always looks impressive (even if the overall content proves to be divisive). The jury is still out on whether or not Exodus will be his big comeback movie, but one look at the featurette above indicates that Scott hasn't lost his eye for outstanding visuals.

The clip, released by Yahoo, focuses on the film's world and the work it took (a mixture of CGI and practical effects) to recreate the environment of ancient Egypt. Viewers will get some hints detailing the film's basic plot, but the biggest takeaway here is that Exodus is going to be something to see on the biggest screen possible (that is, if the first trailer didn't convince you of that already)

The main cast of Exodus: Gods and Kings

Scott and production designer Arthur Max both discuss the film's massive scope, with Max calling it the most expansive film that he's ever worked on. Moviegoers should expect nothing less from the man who made Gladiator, and Exodus looks to be right in Scott's wheelhouse with battle sequences featuring a plethora of extras and the world becoming immersive. He's previously stated that this film is the "biggest" he's ever done; a bold claim that seems to be validated by what we see in featurette.

That said, a film can look pretty, but it can be regarded as forgettable should the substance not be up to par with the style. Fortunately, Scott is working with a tale that can be truly rich and emotionally engaging. The director spent the first half of the video promising moviegoers the possibility of a "complex" character study chronicling the rivalry between brothers Moses (Christian Bale) and Rhamses (Joel Edgerton) and what the former endured to help lead the Israelite slaves out of Egypt.

First image from Ridley Scott's Exodus

If Steven Zaillian's script can match the canvas on which Scott has painted on, we could be in for some truly Biblical (pun) storytelling this holiday season. Awards time is just around the corner and while Exodus isn't generating the buzz that other films this year have been, it could easily become a late arrival to the game - especially if Scott nails the mixture of an intimate narrative and jaw-dropping visuals. We know the acting talent is there and now we know the look is there. We just need to see if the screenplay can hold its weight.

Exodus: Gods & Kings will be in theaters December 12, 2014.

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