Exclusive The Venture Bros. Season 7 Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Take A Dark Turn

The Venture Bros. Season 7

In a Screen Rant exclusive, check out a series of funny deleted scenes from the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Venture Bros. season 7. The absurd animated comedy has been following the hilarious misadventures of the Venture family — Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak) and his two, borderline incompetent sons, Hank (Christopher McCulloch) and Dean (Michael Sinterniklaas)— as well as the hulking brute Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton) since 2003. Each installment in the series takes audiences deeper into the laugh-inducing shenanigans of its central characters, and season 7 is no different. 

Like so many shows in the Peak TV era, The Venture Bros. sort of comes and goes as it pleases, with season 7 arriving three years after season 6. Normally, this sort of intermittent scheduling might be cause for concern, but for dedicated fans of the series, it works to build anticipation and make the arrival of a new season something worth celebrating. That’s certainly the case with season 7, which arrives on Blu-ray on June 4. But before anyone breaks out their hard-earned cash for the set, check out a sneak peek at one of the extras included on the discs. 

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The scenes are mostly a collection of the Venture family bickering with one another or with Dr. Orpheus (Steven Rattazzi), though there are a few exchanges between Venture and Oprheus, as well as a cut scene showing how Hank’s midnight tryst is unexpectedly cut short. Check out The Venture Bros. season 7 deleted scenes below: 

Like all deleted scenes, they play better if you’ve seen the episodes in question, but even if you haven’t there’s still plenty to chuckle at. Dr. Venture and Dr. Orpheus’s continued quarreling is always a delight, as the two descend ever deeper into pettiness when dealing with one another. The same is true of any scene featuring Brock Samson. Warburton’s baritone voice is comedy gold, and that it’s attached to such a cavalier killing machine makes it even funnier.  

Perhaps the funniest deleted scene is the one between Dean and the security guard that takes an unexpectedly dark turn. The show is well acquainted with morbid humor, and this is a perfect example of that. While it’s easy to see why the scene might’ve been cut, it’s also a shame that it didn’t make it into the final version of the episode. 

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The Venture Bros. season 7 Blu-ray will be available on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

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