Exclusive The Terror: Infamy Clip - Chester & Luz Reach A Turning Point

Derek Mio and Christina Rodlo in The Terror Infamy Episode 9 AMC

In an exclusive clip from episode 8 of The Terror: Infamy, Chester (Derek Mio) and Luz (Christina Rodio) reach a turning point in their relationship. The second season of AMC’s horror anthology series has ventured far from the dread of the frozen Arctic to investigate a more homegrown fear, when the United States turned on its own citizens and placed them in internment camps during World War II. The Japanese interment camps offer a historical foundation for the series’ ambitious second season, which slowly reveals an evil force is stalking those relocated to the camps. 

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One of Infamy’s main storylines concerns the relationship between Chester and Luz, which has endured much more than its fair share of hardships. Both have made incredible sacrifices that have strained their connection almost to a breaking point. But in episode 8, ‘My Sweet Boy,’ the series finds the couple at a turning point of sorts, one that might see them regain some of what was lost or it might open them up to the evil forces at play. Check out an exclusive clip from The Terror: Infamy below: 

Chester and Luz’s relationship helps ground Infamy in a way its historical accounts or genre elements aren’t quite able to. As a result, the couple’s struggles and, as seen in the above clip, awkwardness around one another, become another outlet for the series to explore the ramifications of the interment camps and the larger question of identity, especially as it pertains to citizenship and loyalty. 

All in all, Infamy has so far proven that AMC’s horror anthology can explore a wide range of topics and historical settings and still come away with a compelling, often thrilling storyline. And with the new season reaching its conclusion soon, it will be interesting to see how The Terror: Infamy wraps up this particular narrative and where it will go from here. 

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The Terror: Infamy continues next Monday with ‘My Sweet Boy’ @9pm on AMC.

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