Exclusive Thanos Sideshow Collectibles Image and Video

In Marvel comics, there are few villains as iconic as Thanos, so it was no surprise to see him appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the credits of The Avengers. He was a bit more prominent in Guardians of the Galaxy - no surprise since his adopted daughters were among the main characters - before again having a cameo during the credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron. All of these appearances were to set him up as the main antagonist in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, where he will be collecting the various infinity stones - seen throughout the movies of the MCU - for the powerful Infinity Gauntlet.

After allowing us to debut and exciting exclusive teaser trailer, Sideshow Collectibles has just debuted a video showcasing the upcoming Thanos on Throne Maquette with details on the creation of the premium statue and thought process of Sculptor Will Harbottle, Concept Artists JP Mavinga and Zac Roane, Art Director David Igo, Painter Casey Love, and others.

We also have a new exclusive image to share on this version of the Mad Titan Thanos on his iconic throne. With the real debut of Thanos coming with Avengers: Infinity War, now in production for release next summer, the timing couldn't be better for collectors.

The team effort on this Thanos piece was dedicated to honoring the history of the character in the comics, with a clear emphasis on his size and menace. Thanos' love of technology and power is clear, with tech mixed into his throne design. The throne itself is practically its own character and yes, Thanos is wearing the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet in the piece, and he looks ready to use it.

For fans of Sideshow's impressive work, fans of Marvel, or anyone waiting to see more of Thanos, be sure to check out the Sideshow Live Facebook livestream on Wednesday, March 22 at 11 AM - 11:45 AM PDT for a full reveal of the actual prototype!

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Thanos is one of the most infamous Marvel villains in comic book history. His first film appearance in The Avengers had fans widely discussing the Mad Titan's role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got a few more sneak peeks. Next year, Thanos will earn his throne when he takes on the heroes of the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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