Exclusive Stan Against Evil Season 3 Clip: It's Vampire Prom Night

Stan Against Evil Season 3 Poster IFC

IFC’s horror-comedy Stan Against Evil launched its third season on Halloween, and in an exclusive new clip, the series welcomes Christopher Mintz-Plasse, as the gang ventures through a magic mirror into a weird world of vampires. The clip is from episode 6 of the new season, ‘Vampire Creek,’ and it continues the show’s off-kilter relationship with the supernatural, as Evie (Janet Varney) finds herself dealing with the fact that she’s become a vampire by hitting the sauce pretty hard at an undead social function. The sauce being, of course, blood. Joining her are Mintz-Plasse and Denise (Deborah Baker Jr.), who can only sit back and watch as the now vampiric sheriff proceeds to make a fool of herself. 

The scene is indicative of the sort of scenario Stan Against Evil has become exceedingly good at since it premiered in 2016. The show has a knack for exploring the banal side of supernatural tropes and finding the humor in just how commonplace they become after a while, to not only demon hunters like Evie and Stan, but also to those for whom the supernatural is a part of daily life, like Bartholomew, King of the Southern Realm, who learns that while he may be vampire royalty, his name still rhymes with “fart.”

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That irreverent tone is made more apparent whenever Stan is on screen. McGinley takes the surliness with which he was known for in Scrubs and blends it with this series’ smart-alecky approach to all things paranormal. This time, the cantankerous former lawman find himself venturing into the magic mirror without a tether to the real world after Deputy Leon Drinkwater (Nate Mooney) fails at the one job Stan gives him before taking the plunge. Needless to say, Leon seems unfazed by his mistake and calmly flips through a magazine awaiting Stan’s return. Given that Stan quickly becomes a snack for a partying vampire, it stands to reason that his return might be delayed somewhat. 

As with the previous two seasons of the series, IFC airs Stan Against Evil in hour-long blocks, two-episodes once a week, making the eight-episode season go by rather quickly. That’s actually kind of a blessing in the Peak TV era, as it turns the show into something close to a binge watch, which given that it comes on late at night (well, for those of you who think 10pm is late, anyway), it’s sort of the perfect way to consume the series. And for those of you who missed out on Stan Against Evil’s first two seasons, they are available to stream on Hulu right now. 

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Stan Against Evil continues this Wednesday with ‘Nubbin But Trouble’ and ‘Vampire Creek’ starting at 10pm on IFC.

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