Exclusive The Last Ship Video: How The Series Finale’s D-Day Assault Came Together

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An exclusive sneak peek at the release of TNT’s The Last Ship complete series on Blu-ray and DVD reveals a closer look at how the massive action sequence from the final episode came together. The military thriller came to a close on cable in November of 2018 with the end of season 5, seeing the crew of the fabled USS Nathan James putting their lives on the line to save the world one final time, and bringing the show’s story, as well as that of its captain, Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), full circle with an action-packed episode that included a spectacular D-Day sequence. 

In a brief look at the ‘Tales From the Bridge’ special, The Last Ship showrunner Steven Kane discusses the logistics of filming the ambitious sequence, and how, with the help of the U.S. Military, the set piece was able to achieve an impressive level of authenticity. That authenticity certainly helped give audiences the ending they were hoping for, after following Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James for five seasons, as they battled their way through a world whose population had been decimated by a deadly pandemic. As far as finales go, ‘Commitment’ certainly lived up to its title, and spectacle of the episodes that had come before. 

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Now, with the Blu-ray/DVD release of the complete series just a day away, fans can relive the adventure again and again. But they can also dig into some fascinating behind-the-scenes extras, like the aforementioned ‘Tales From the Bridge’ special, which finds Kane on stage with cast member Travis Van Winkle (he played Danny Green), along with members of the U.S. Military and the show’s production designers, to discuss how that massive D-Day sequence came about, and how close it was to being called on account of some wind. Check out the exclusive clip below: 

While there’s obviously a lot more to see in the special, the clip does show Kane being frank about how the military’s assistance and willingness to participate in the series finale ultimately helped shape the series finale. Given the light in which the military is presented in the series, the level of participation is not surprising, though Kane seemed surprised to learn the beach assault might not have happened if the weather didn’t cooperate. In addition, Van Winkle offers up some glowing praise of the show’s production design team, the often unsung members of a series who really help make things like the D-Day assault look as exciting and realistic as possible. 

Fans of the series will be able to see the ‘Tales From the Bridge’ special in its entirety on The Last Ship complete series Blu-ray/DVD set. There’s also plenty of other special features — in addition to the series itself, obviously — that are worth checking out. 

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The Last Ship: The Complete Series and The Last Ship: The Complete Fifth and Final Season Blu-ray/DVD will be available on March 12, 2019.

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