Dark/Web: Exclusive Images of Writer-Director Zelda Williams' Episode

Dark Web - Shannon Collins

"Socially, the Internet is as unifying and divisive as it’s ever been; only now, when the entire world is connected, it’s never been harder to unplug." -- Dark/Web

That statement rings true for many who find themselves constantly engaged with the internet. For most that consist of listening to music, watching movies, conversing on social media, and other online distractions. For others, it means venturing to a place few are aware even exists -- such is the premise behind the new online series, Dark/Web.

Dark/Web (not to be confused with the upcoming Coen Brothers project, Dark Web), was created by brothers Michael and Tim Nardelli, and Mario Miscione, who also created the indie film, Circle, back in 2015 (it is currently available on Netflix). The eight-episode digital series at first seems reminiscent of Charlie Brooker's technophobic anthology Black Mirror, but whereas that series tells completely self-contained stories, Dark/Web weaves in a single mystery common to each individual episode.

In anticipation of the new series, Screen Rant is pleased to bring you an exclusive first look at several images from episode 'Zero', written and directed by Zelda Williams (Dead of Summer). Check out the image gallery and a synopsis below:

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"Each episode of Dark/Web explores themes related to the internet and the dangers present in the murky, unexplained layers of the web. Paranoia, isolation, vanity, loss of identity, the viral nature of ideas and social media pressures are just a few of the subjects the show tackles.

"A group of young adults living in a technologically connected near future in which everything, and everyone, is online. When three of them become the target of cryptic emails from someone posing as their childhood friend Molly, they assume she’s been the victim of a hack, only to learn she’s been missing for months. Combining the anthology format with an overarching mystery, as the emails pile up, each one contains a tale ostensibly written by Molly, and clues are uncovered that may lead to her location."

In addition to Williams, Dark/Web welcomes a diverse group of actors, including Shannon Collis (Inherent Vice), Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Gabriel Luna (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). From the sound of it, the premise of the show should be enticing to those who like their sci-fi-horror with a bit of commentary about the dangers of a life lived online. Still, perhaps the anthological format, anchored by a single mystery, will prove to be the real selling point, and audiences will flock to their computer screens when the series finally hit the web this year.

Dark/Web premieres online in late 2017.

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