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Game of Thrones Photography Exclusive

Screen Rant has an exclusive first look at The Photography of Game of Thrones; including spreads that focus on the Stark children, Cersei and Jaime Lannister, the creation of dragons and direwolves... and some White Walker selfies! Although Game of Thrones came to an end in May of this year, that doesn't mean that fans are done with this world of Ice and Fire. The book series itself, penned by George R R Martin, has yet to be completed (and is not going to have the same ending as the show), and multiple prequel series set in this world are in development; BloodMoon takes place around the time of the Long Night, and an untitled series is set to look at the history of House Targaryen. In addition to these, a four-book collection has also been created for Game of Thrones fans, including in-depth looks at the storyboards, costumes, artwork, and photography of the show.

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Insight Editions and HBO have teamed up to create the collection, which includes Game of Thrones: The Storyboards (released this past spring), Game of Thrones: The Costumes, The Art of Game of Thrones, and The Photography of Game of Thrones (all of which are set for release this fall). The Photography of Game of Thrones is available from Nov 5th, but we've got some exclusive spreads, so that fans can have a sneak peek at the kind of images that will be found - including a White Walker selfie!

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The Photography of Game of Thrones is a collection of 850 images (over 416 pages) from the production of Game of Thrones, complied by Helen Sloan (official principal Game of Thrones unit photographer). The book also includes a foreword from showrunners D&D, and is filled with anecdotes to go with the photo spreads. An exclusive look at four of these shows that the book will also be curated to showcase different aspects of the series; that may be character pairs or groups (like Cersei and Jaime, or the Stark children), how green screens and props were used to create dragons and direwolves, or behind the scenes glimpses at the stars getting into costume, including the Night King himself (who is clearly having some fun in full makeup).

These images do not provide examples of the kind of anecdotes that are promised in the full editions, but they do give fans a look at some of the incredible photos captured on set over the course of filming. While it's great to see the progression of some of the characters in the stills from the show, some of the most interesting photos are from behind the scenes. Seeing the sheer scale of the green screens and the fake Ghost used to create some of the big moments is amazing - and seeing the makeup that went into creating the characters is fascinating, especially when it comes to the Night King. The Behind The Scenes spread shows Vladimir Furdik getting layers and layers of makeup applied to his hands, shoulders, face, and head to become the leader of the White Walkers - and taking a selfie in full costume!

While fans may be mixed on with how Game of Thrones ended, there's little doubt that this book will still provide a wonderful look into not just the characters, but the sheer artistry behind creating a series as epic as this one.

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The Photography of Game of Thrones releases Fall 2019 for $75.00.

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