Exclusive Family Guy Season 16 Deleted Scene: Stewie Really Works His Core

Brian and Stewie in Family Guy Season 16 DVD

In an exclusive clip from Family Guy season 16, Stewie Griffin explains the benefits of having a strong core, only to reveal his exercise regimen isn’t as vigorous as he’d like Brian to think it is. FOX’s other animated family sitcom has been kicking around for so long it has become less an alternative to The Simpsons and more an unlikely addition to what is now the network’s first family. That’s due in large part to the Sunday night block of animated programming (and a few live-action shows), making it easy for fans of outlandish cartoon humor and non sequiturs, not to mention maniacal toddlers and their boozy, talking canine friends. 

The series’ brand of humor has earned it a great many fans, and a lasting reputation among viewers and non-viewers alike. Series creator Seth MacFarlane has also parlayed the show’s enormous success into some memorable gigs, like directing feature films, hosting the Academy Awards, recording his own albums, and, most recently, taking his love of Star Trek to such a level as to create his own sci-fi television show, The Orville, which is basically a really expensive version of Trek fan fiction. Not bad for an animated series that was once canceled and then saved (a la Timeless) all the way back in 2000. 

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As such, marking the show’s 16th season with the upcoming DVD release feels like something of note. Given that few scripted television series ever make it past the 10 season mark, let alone dare venture into their teens, Family Guy finds itself in rare company these days. And as a previously unseen deleted scene shows, the series still knows how to make a ridiculous exchange between a toddler and a talking dog into something that’ll make viewers laugh. Check out the deleted scene:

There’s admittedly not a whole lot there (how could there be, at just 17 seconds?) but despite the scene’s brevity, it nonetheless fully captures the silly spirit of Family Guy and the outlandish nature of perhaps its most popular character(s). Stewie’s overconfidence in his body’s ability to overcome what appears to be a debilitating injury is funny in and of itself, but his revelation that he’s not quite as fit as he claims, somehow makes the scene a bit more memorable. 

If nothing else, this Family Guy season 16 deleted scene will be further proof for fans of why the show has been around for as long as it has, and why it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Family Guy season 16 is available on DVD on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

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