Exclusive Comic-Con Dollhouse DVD [Updated]

If you're both a Dollhouse fan and find yourself headed to Comic-Con, you might be able to take advantage of an interesting offer.

5,000 special order DVD packages have been set aside for Comic-Con attendees.

Each DVD package comes with a letter that is individually numbered from the man himself, Joss Whedon.

This season 1 DVD package has every episode that aired plus 2 episodes that you didn't see on TV.

That would be the original pilot and an extra episode entitled "Epitath One."

Here's the trick:  You can preorder your Comic-Con edition Dollhouse season 1 DVD package from, and then when you arrive at the San Diego International Comic-Con 2009, all you will need is picture ID OR you can indicate at order checkout who will be designated to pick up your DVD package for you.

The going price over on the Comic-Con special order site is DVD: $49.98, Blu-ray: $69.99.

Have at gang!

Oh!  PS:  Don't forget that the episode, "Epitath One" will be shown at Comic-Con on Friday the 24th in Ballroom 20.  The panel is a 2 hour panel that starts at 4 p.m..  Oh lord, just look for the tent in the middle of the ballroom, I'm going to be there all day long I think!


UPDATE 7/8/09:  Our readers have alerted us to an issue with the foxstore link for the DVD.

People are reporting that the connection to order the DVD's is not a secure connection, but rather an open connection to the ordering site over the web.

Neither does the phone number provided at the link above allow you to call in and order the product.

This leads us to believe that the information you provide for the order goes over the open web in an unsecure fashion, possibly leaving your information vulnerable to outside sources.

Personally, I would never provide my information to a website that does not provide a secure SSL connection.

We thought you should be aware and if we hear differently, we will apprise you of it.

Thanks goes out to Screen Rant reader scififan for alerting us to the situation.

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