Exclusive Berlin Station Season 3 Clip: A Neighborly Spy Gets Suspicious

Leland Orser in Berlin Station Season 3 EPIX

Season 3 of EPIX’s spy drama Berlin Station is approaching the finish line, and in an exclusive clip, CIA agent Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) demonstrates why he could teach a “master class on paranoia.” The slow-burn series has been enjoying a solid third season so far, one that has revolved mostly around the disappearance of Richard Armitage’s Daniel Miller, but has also managed to introduce James Cromwell as a former spy Gilbert Dorn, while also bringing back Rhys Ifans’s Hector DeJean back into the fold, with potentially deadly consequences. 

For anyone who likes to get into the dark and sordid affairs of those engaged in international espionage, Berlin Station is in fine company on television these days. Though The Americans has already ended, EPIX’s series can certainly count itself among other intelligence dramas, like Starz’s Counterpart, as well as AMC’s limited series, The Little Drummer Girl. What sets Berlin Station apart, however, is the impressive cast of characters, and the ever-changing storylines that keep characters like Orser’s Kirsch on their toes.

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As the clip demonstrates, Kirsch has been in the job long enough that it’s begun to wear him down, but his outward weariness hasn’t dulled his finely tuned sense of paranoia, as he appears convinced that his neighbor, Dr. Nina Bartek (Anja Antonowicz) isn’t who she says she is, or, at the very least, there’s more to her than meets the eye. Check out the clip below: 

As with his co-stars, particularly Richard Jenkins, Michelle Forbes, and the aforementioned Cromwell, Orser is adept at wearing the strain of being an intelligence operative on his sleeve, while still maintaining a kind of steely resolve. A talented character actor with an almost absurd amount of recognizable roles in films and TV (he’s been in everything from Seven to Saving Private Ryan to Taken), Orser can also currently be seen in TNT’s noir drama I Am the Night, opposite a frequently bruised Christ Pine.

With the season set to end next week, the outcome of this little face-off between Kirsch and the suspicious Dr. Bartek may have a bigger impact on the finale than anyone expected. If anything, this could mean the penultimate episode has some big things in store for one weary CIA agent. 

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Berlin Station continues Sunday with ‘End of War’ @9pm on EPIX.

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